Who’s Responsible? The Secret to Personal Power & Conscious Creation

When you are living from the greatness within you, you have tapped into an infinite source of power. This is inner power, true power that comes from the core of who you are. It is a part of your Greatness DNA.

There is a secret to tapping into this power. It involves a big decision. It’s the way we learn to be grown ups in the world. And it’s at the core of being a conscious creator, rather than creating unconsciously or by default.

The key to becoming a powerful person and the key to becoming a conscious creator is to take responsibility for everything in your life. Yes, everything. Your feelings, your circumstances, your relationships, your bank account, and the reality you currently experience in every area of
your life.

There is no blame, no fault. You are not a bad person, or defective in any way if your life is not the way you want it to be. When you look around at what you’ve created, please don’t judge it. Simply recognize what a powerful creator you are. Say to yourself, “Imagine, I created all this.”

When you no longer hold people, places, things, your relationship with your parents, your height, or whatever else responsible for how you feel and for the circumstances and experiences of your life you become free.

You become free to become a powerful, conscious creator. And free to create the life you really want.

“I Created This” Exercise

Here’s an exercise for you that could be very entertaining, and certainly eye-opening.

For one week, look around you. Whatever you see, say to yourself, “I created this.” And really take it in. With each experience you have, say to yourself, “I created this.”

You’ll see things you like and things you don’t like. You’ll see things you wanted ahead of time and got, and you’ll see things that you never wanted and got. You’ll have experiences that enliven you and you’ll have experiences that are stressful.

But most importantly what you’ll begin to understand is that if you created all of the things and experiences you noticed, then your powers of creation are infinite. And you will be on your way to becoming a conscious creator.

I invite you to make the decision today to take responsibility for everything in your life! This decision will change your life in remarkable ways. It is the key to your personal power and to becoming a conscious creator in your life!

Step Into Your Greatness…
Take responsibility for everything!.