Whole Food Vitamins and Supplements from Garden of Life

Founded in 2000, Garden of Life has remained committed to whole food nutrition. For Jordan Rubin, the founder of Garden of Life, the reason was personal.

At the age of 19, Rubin found himself on the brink of death, the result of severe Crohn’s disease. Looking for a solution, he turned to holistic and alternative remedies as well as conventional medicine. He traveled around the world and received more than 70 different treatments, but to no avail.

It was out of this period of desperation that inspiration took hold. By studying the foods humans consumed during the biblical times, he was able to create his own remedy to restore his digestive health and therefore, his entire body. It was then that Primal Defense was born, a probiotic that contains homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs), fermented green foods and single-celled plants.

Rubin had learned the gut was the center of human health and by remedying his digestive issues, he returned to full health. The high amount of toxins and the lack of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in the modern diet can grossly impact health and wellness.

Whole food nutrition means the supplements are produced from food or isolates that mimic the action of the chosen nutrient within the body if it were to come directly from food. For example, an isolate of vitamin C found in a capsule should be recognized by the body the same way vitamin C would be recognized by the body if you ate an orange. This means you get the same benefits from both.

The company’s first line to incorporate this technology was The Vitamin Code, a line of raw vitamins that includes multivitamins designed for different genders, age groups and needs. Next came the RAW line of products, which uses the same nutrients found in The Vitamin Code and includes protein powders, green foods and meal replacements as well as probiotics.

Today, the Florida-based company’s efforts remain focused on vitamins/minerals, green foods, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and probiotics, creating new formulas to meet changing needs. Future lines may include herbal extracts, homeopathy, skincare and even natural cosmetics.

Garden of Life sources ingredients from specially selected farms, in the United States whenever possible and organic whenever possible. The Vitamin Code nutrients are manufactured by a private company in New Jersey in large batches to be used throughout the brand.

Whole food nutrition and raw eating supports the idea that food is medicine.