Who The Hell Are Network Marketers Anyway?

Are they social misfits trying to find a place in society? Are they money hungry hoodlums looking to get as deep into others pockets as possible? Or.. Are they a band of brothers and sisters brought together by a higher cause?

In The Beginning

In the beginning there was light and the light was good so… Just kidding. Network marketers are some of the sharpest most upwardly mobile producers on the planet. Most work a full time job and build their business on the side. For most it’s a hobby. For others it’s a social club, but for a few it’s their lively hood.

Folks get started in this crazy industry for many reasons. I think a big one is having a dream bigger than the one they are currently living. I think deep down inside everyone wants to excel.

-You can make excuses or you can make things happen but you can’t make both.

Everyone wants to succeed, but few actually do. Why is that? Every man wants the triumph of conquering something within their lifetime, but most go to the grave with the music still playing. Pretty sad really.

The ones that burn the candle on both sides and get rid of all of the distractions the world offers, is the one that usually prospers in the network marketing industry. You have to take a season of your life and make it happen.

I think that network marketers think a little differently than everyone else. They see opportunity in places where most see none. They realize that there are only so many ways to create residual income and for most, investments are not an option due to lack of capital.

You know, when I think about all of the people who scoff at the industry and yet cheer on their buddies that dump hundreds of thousands into wall street, real estate and other such investments, I almost have to laugh. How is the real estate investor doing right now? How is the guy who had his retirement all wrapped up in the stock market?

To me, that is yesterday’s news. You have to be a chameleon in today’s day and time. You have to adapt to the changing ways of our economy and take advantage of paradigm shifts. That is what network marketers have done. Does everyone make it? Well let me ask you this question. Does everyone make it in the stock market? In Real Estate? Nope. There are people that choose to separate themselves from the crowd. People who go the extra mile and do whatever it takes. Yes they take risks and sometimes put it all on the line.

It’s when you close the back door of retreat that you will move forward. Otherwise, you will keep banging your head against the same wall in which you have become so familiar with and ask yourself, Why me…

Savvy network marketers follow a plan, use a strategy and are constantly plugged into a mastermind group of people who are where they want to be in life. They don’t take a look around and compare themselves to what people have around them. They don’t try to keep up with the neighbors.

They pave their own way to success. Sometimes it’s a lonely journey. That is why some say, it’s lonely at the top. In reality, it’s not lonely at all. You have you and all of the other people who have chosen to be a winner instead of a whiner.

In The End

Network marketers are the future of our country. They preserve the free enterprise system which our government is slowly trying to take away from us. Don’t believe me? What do you think a global economy will do to our dollar? Yep it’s controversial. Yes it’s serious and yes, the cavalry is not coming. What are you going to do to secure your financial future?

I will see you at the top,

Josh Boxer