Who is Your Coach?

Pick a sport.

Now think of a really successful person within that sport.

Did you pick…. Tiger Woods, Lauren Jackson, Ian Thorpe, Michael Schumacher?

Doesn’t matter. Whoever you picked stay with that person.

Imagine you had the opportunity to have a one on one interview with that amazing, world class sportsperson. You could ask them anything you liked. You could really find out what makes them tick, really get inside their head.

Do you think that if your successful sports person who their coach was that you’d get the answer: “I’m at the top of my game, the best in the World – I don’t need a coach”.

Wouldn’t happen would it? Whoever your person is, or whichever of the successful people you could chose from the above list – they all have a coach. They all have someone dedicated to improving their performance, giving them guidance and instruction, keeping them accountable and helping them grow as an athlete.

Now if we can see in the sports world the benefit of having a coach – why is it that most of us trying to achieve success in the business world couldn’t name our coaches?

In the business world is it an advantage to:

Continually improve your performance
Get guidance and instruction
Stay accountable to your goals
Continue to grow?

I would say the answer is yes to all of these points. In your business or career, whatever it may be, the quickest way to plateau is to stop learning and improving.

Now – there are many different forms of “coaches” for us in our careers such as:

Your boss or a co-worker who has achieved what you want to achieve
A role model you read about in books / articles
A formal business coach or mentor
A life coach
A successful person in your industry or another that you admire and emulate from afar.

Your choice as to how many of these you take on is completely up to you. My advice would simply be start with one today. Whether you find your first coach in a book or email like this, or at the desk opposite you at work, make sure they push you to try new things. Make sure you’re outside your comfort zone. Make sure you find ways to keep yourself accountable.

Good luck finding your coach and being on your way to being world class at whatever you do.