Who is the best Creativity Guru in the world?

If you are like me, your mind must be searching for answers.
Who could be the best among them all?

It’s a tough competition. Edword de Bono? Michael Michalko ?
May be Tony Buzan?

You might have someone else in your mind. Like one of your teachers or a workshop leader.
As they say, there are no right or wrong answers.

But in my view, It’s not one of those highly googled gurus with a high page rank.
It’s not one of those celebrated consultants and workshop leaders.

The best person to learn creative thinking from, is…

Let me whisper it in your ears…

Your little daughter, a nephew, or grand children!

Ask any of the gurus and they will tell- “Think like a child!”

So why not learn to think like a child from a child herself?

Kids don’t know theories. Their brains are not conditioned.
They haven’t learnt the should’s and have-to’s of the adult world.

They don’t know what’s possible and what’s not.

To give you an example:

One day my little daughter was crying, crawling on the ground,
trying very hard to catch something on the floor.

I reached to help her, what could it be she wants?
To my amazement: it was a patch of sunlight on the floor!

It’s not a labelled world for the little ones. Every stimulus is new.

They don’t take things for granted and make fresh connections.

Once my son asked me “furniture came from where ?”

I explained, trees give us wood and we use that to make furniture.

After a few days when we visited a furniture shop, he saw a wrought iron chair
and asked innocently:

“Papa! Where iron trees?”

Only if we can think like that. Once again!
That’s the kind of fluidity and freshness we need to be creative.

To learn from the kids, give all those creativity books
and idea generator softwares a rest for a day.

Have an appointment with your little one or take your nefew to the garden.

Ask your neigbour’s permission and take her kids to the adventure park.

Why not create a movie show at your home? Show an animation movie
on your home theatre and invite all the kids.

Make it a point to play with kids more often, ask them questions and
listen to their answers carefully.

There are many great lessons for us.

And please inform me if you see a plastic tree, a glass tree, a cement tree!