Who is Deepak Chopra

You might have heard this popular name being discussed all over the world. If you’re already wondering who he is, then here is something to get started. Deepak Chopra is a name to reckon with in the world of Hindu spirituality and medicine. He has served to transform the way people perceive health. He is the owner and founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, located in Carlsbad in California. He has written several books in spirituality and its relation to medicine.

How it started

Deepak Chopra was born in the city of New Delhi in India and did his primary schooling in St. Columbia’s school. He graduated from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He emigrated to the US in 1970 to do his clinical internship. Initially Chopra taught at the Tufts University and Boston University schools of medicine. Then in around 1981, he met the famous Ayurvedic physician called Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna. Soon Chopra was inspired by his teachings and took to transcendental meditation and started spearheading the movement as well. Soon Chopra realized he had other pursuits that were his true calling in life. So that’s when he branched off into his own to treat mind and body conditions. In was during this time in 1993, that Chopra became the executive director of Sharp Institute for Human Potential and Mind – Body Medicine.

The Center for wellbeing

Deepak started the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in 1995. Since then he has being trying to combine the best practices of Western medicine with the ancient culture and healing traditions of the East. He is the Director of the center and aims to offer programs dealing with yoga, mind body medicines, emotional wellbeing, self discovery, as well as meditation techniques. He has also partnered with Mr. David Simon, who is the medical director and co-founder of the Chopra center and has served to transform the way the world perceives mind, body, emotional, social, spiritual and physical and mental wellness.

What he aims for

Deepak Chopra essentially aims to bring about peace and wellbeing in the world today. In today’s modern day world, almost everyone is experiencing life in the fast lane. This has resulted in increased stress levels, anxiety, depression and heart diseases. Deepak Chopra, through his wellness center, has tried to bring about peaceful solutions to social injustices, disparities in the economy and also imbalance in our ecology and environment. Although the full realization of this mission is still work in progress, a lot has already been achieved through his center. They aim to bring about a movement which is peaceful, unlike so many other movements which stress on the “anti” factor. Usually these anti movements serve to cause friction and resistance in society. Their peace movement is based upon on central thought and word – Satsang. Satsang depends on the concept of sharing one’s consciousness with the rest of the world. It could be something as simple as an open discussion or forum held at regular intervals – where people from various walks of life discuss their desire to achieve world peace.

An author

Deepak Chopra is a very well-known author and has several bestselling books to his credit. Some of his popular works include: Peace is the way, The book of secrets, The spontaneous fulfillment of desire, The deeper wound, The essential ageless body timeless mind, The essential how to know God, Golf for enlightenment, Grow younger live longer, Journey into healing, Life after death, The love poems of Rumi, The path to love, The seven spiritual laws for parents, The soul in love, The third Jesus, The way of the wizard, Boundless energy, among many others.


As with every famous personality, Deepak Chopra too has undergone his share of public criticism. His often frequent reference to the quantum mechanics to healing processes has earned him severe criticism from several quarters. The reason being that his reference to this subject of quantum mechanics serves to add to further confusion in the press, as to the real nature of these theories. The quantum theory of healing relies on the fact that our bodies can be healed from a level that is not sensory in nature. It says that our bodies are eventually centers of energy, information and intelligence.