Who Has the Best Opinion When Picking a Prom Dress?

Many high school girls look forward to their prom, and consider it to be one of the most important events in their lives. They often start fantasizing about it before they actually begin high school. Movies directed at teens play a large role in how girls think about the prom. Prom night is remembered enthusiastically for many years. The dress plays a big part in this fond memory.

Choosing that perfect dress for the prom is an experience that is both exciting and stressful for most teenage girls. Hopefully, there will be more fun than stress! There are some tips for your shopping experience that can ease the stress of getting that prom dress that will fit your personality, and also bring out the best in you, thus making you look great.

Dealing with the influences of peers as well as the need for acceptance amongst fellow high schoolers is something to consider. A unique dress is everyone’s dream. Most prom dress buyers have trouble making a decision on which dress to buy. This is because they fear what others will think, or don’t want to get a dress too different from friends’ dresses. They crave individuality, and yet, also feel the need to fit in with their peers.

Prom dress customers often feel they need their friends’ approval to buy a dress, and thus won’t buy a dress immediately, even if they know it may not be available if they wait. The opinions of others on your chosen dress can be very helpful. Be aware that sometimes your friend’s advice may be biased, either purposefully or unintentionally, by the clothes you now wear or perhaps by their desire to keep you from dressing better than they do.

You can also listen to what the salespeople from the store have to say. Consider their advice, because they have experience with picking different styles for different body types. The store staff don’t know you, and they might suggest something different from the styles you usually wear; nevertheless, you still want to keep your personality in mind. Be careful, especially if they say that every dress is nice, or even more so if they only like you in the expensive dresses. They might be trying to sell you a costly dress, to simply make a sale, without taking into account how well the style and color suit your body type and complexion. Seek out a store who has a reputation of being honest and experienced. If a salesperson says an expensive dress doesn’t suit you and suggests another style, that salesperson is probably being honest.

The ultimate decision is up to you (the one who will be wearing it), but bringing along friends to shop or taking advice from a sales person can be helpful in picking out that special something. If you take it easy and lend yourself to a new look, you will have more fun and you might even get a happy surprise. Present your own unique style, and don’t be fearful of what others think.