Who Else Wants to Make Happiness a Habit?

woman in white and black striped shirt standing on yellow sunflower field during daytimeHappiness doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen. If you’re waiting around for it to come to you, expecting someone to bring it with them or waiting for something to happen before you can be happy you’ll be waiting for a long while.

Nobody will ever bring you complete happiness, think about what will happen if they leave you or are taken from this earth, where will your happiness be then. If you’re waiting for something to happen such as that promotion you’ve always wanted or when you’re working less hours then happiness will never come.

If your happiness is dependent on a goal and you achieve it, you’ll either set a new goal (at which point your future happiness will be transfered to this new goal) or you’ll feel there’s nothing more to be achieved which after the initial elation has worn off usually results in an empty feeling inside instead of the happiness you expected.

One of the best ways to increase your level of happiness in life is to change your habits to those similar to a happy person.

95% of what humans do is habitual. From the side of bed you get out of, the route you take to work every day, the way you clean your teeth and the myriad of other things you do in day to day life, they’re all habitual. We are quite literally creatures of habit.

With this in mind it’s fair to say that our habitual routines dictate our consistent emotional states. If on a regular basis you perceive yourself to be doing things that make you unhappy then you’ll be unhappy.

If on the other hand you perceive yourself to be doing things on a regular basis that make you happy then you’ll be a much happier person. In order to do this you must break the old habitual pattern and replace them with more positive ones.

Achieving this will take a bit of work at first as you must consciously decide what your going to do and put it into action. I want to emphasize the word ‘consciously’ as this is contradictory to a habit.

As a rough guide it takes about 30 days of consciously performing the desired action to turn it into a habit. With a little effort for 30 days you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this will make to you life.

Decide to be happy, appreciate all of the good things in your life, no day is ever 100% good or bad so if you spend your days thinking about the good in your life you’re bound to feel happier

For the next 30 days every time you find yourself grumbling about circumstances out of your control or putting yourself down stop and think about what you’ve just said to yourself, replace it with something more positive and carry on with what ever you were doing. Make it a habit to feel good.

Don’t wait for happiness to come to you. Be happy NOW!