Who Else Want to Know How to Achieve Success and Create Wealth

Copyright 2006 Jason Chew

Many people want to achieve success or want to be rich. But, they do not how to achieve their dreams or how to start on their journey. They do not have the will to make the first step. People who has attained certain level of success in life like become rich and achieve their dreams. Have you ever wonder what are the secrets that separate these people from those who are less succesful? I am going to share with you the 5 secrets that I find from doing research on them. These are the secrets that are used by people who make it big in the world. These are their secrets of success.

Secret of Success #1 – Have Big Goals

Many of the successful people often have big goals to achieve in their life. Robert Kiyosaki’s goal is to bring financial literacy to world. The bigger the goals are the more it will motivate you to achieve them. If you know what your goals or things that you really want to do, you will more motivated to achieve them. Often, in the process of finding the goals you will be able to learn more about yourself and find meaning in life. After you have gather enough information, you can decide the things that you really want to do. You must write these things down as specific as possible. For example, if you want to get rich, just plainly state get rich is not good enough. You need to be as specific and clear as possible as is to be a multi-millionaire who owns some corporation.

Secret of Success #2 – Never Say Die When Face with Adversities or Failures

Many rich people have encountered lots of failures before achieving their dreams or attain enormous wealth. One example is Walt Disney. He has bankrupted a number of times before he finally built his first Disneyland. Robert Kiyosaki has failed multiple times before his books achieve phenominal success. When you are facing difficulties, you need to use your beliefs and values to motivate you to overcome them. Only when you truly believe in your dreams and yourself, will you not be detered by adversities, and overcome the short challenges in your way to success. Dr. John Gray, the world number 1 relationship author, uses a river journey towards the sea as analogy to a person journey to success. He said that a river always encounter stones and rocks in its path to the sea. When the river encounters stones and rocks, it always splashes the water on them and stop. But, it will step back after the splashes and the water will turn around them to continue its journey towards the seas. So, be like the river, when you encounter failures, do not cry over them. But, learn from the mistakes and move on towards your goals. You need to “burn your ships” and leave no room for retreat. When you throw yourself to the den, you will be more hunger to succeed.

Secret of Success #3 – Have Mentors and Mastermind group

Napolean Hill said that mentor and mastermind group is very important if a person would to attain riches. If you want to achieve success, you need to learn from mentors. Since birth, there are always mentors in your life to guide you along. When you are young, when you fell down, your parents and friends will always encourage you to stand up and walk again. In your journey to success, you need to have mentors to guide you along to always been inspired, motivated and strife towards your goals. Mentors can teach and guide you to towards your goals faster. Mastermind groups are strategic groups that are formed together by people with common goals. When you formed mastermind groups with equal minded people, the synergy of the mastermind groups can help you to ourcome obstacles easily and motivate you along the journey to success.

Secret of Success #4 – Have Clear Plan and Priorities

Rome is not build in a day; Success Too. Success requires clear plan, clear priorities and commitment. You have to eliminate all the bad habits that you have acquire in your life. You need to stop procastinate and eliminate excuses and be accountable for the things that you do. You remove distractions that stop you from reaching your goals. By having measurable and specific goals that are specified precisely and clearly and in advance. Divide your the goals in sub-goals if they are too big and set milestones and timeline to achieve you them. When you have a clear plan of what and how to achieve your goals, strive to attain them one by one. Eventually, success will come to you.

Secret of Success #5 – Leverage on People and System

Many successful people are able to do more by leveraging on others and systems. Paul Allen, the World 4th richest man, is able to go fishing and work much lesser than his business partner Bill Gates. This is because he able to leverage on Bill Gates to make more money for him. Leverage on the knowledge of masses to solve your daily problems. In today’s information age, the speed of information processsing is more important than the amount of information. It’s not how much information you know but how fast you learn them that determine whether we will succeed. Only when you know how and when to leverage others can you be able to move faster and see opportunities faster. They are now more millionaires in this century than the last because these people are able to leverage on others and systems to make more money. On such systems is the Internet. Google and yahoo are able to become multi-billon companies because there able to help people process and filter information at ease and faster. So, if there are some sound systems or processes that can do your job faster, use them. They will able to help you attain your goal faster and easier.

After you have acquired the secrets of success, I hope you are motivated towards your journey to success. Find some time to do some soul-searching to find your big goals that you want to achieve in life. Only when you are highly motivated and passionate about the goals that you want to achieve, can you achieve them. Success is not just an achievement but more of a journey that has many lessons along its way!