Who Else Really Needs to Buck The System and Live a Longer, Happier and Stress Free Life

Are you one of these people that believe fervently that there is a better way to create wealth and happiness than working longer hours for an ungrateful and uncaring boss…and although you punish your body in the gym, you realise it will take more than just physical fitness to break free.

Well, it certainly helps, and those that treat their bodies like a temple certainly do enjoy a much more illness-free existence, and relative freedom from stress.

However there is one other area that many people ignore – at their peril – and that is the stress of keeping up with ‘The System’ – that is working harder, getting the toys you want, then having to work harder to pay for them – in a vicious spiral.

The System?

Yes – The System…

Most people are dragged into ‘The System’ from a very early age, and only a very few people ever manage to escape it – less than 1% in fact…and you can always tell those who have bucked this system, and done their own thing.

The System we are talking about here is a spin-off from the Industrial Revolution where the workers were paid just enough to meet their basic needs but not enough so that any of them could actually leave and do their own thing.

This has been translated into modern day society in that we are all taught from an early age that we should go to school, get a good education, get a good job, and work all your life until it comes to retirement. At least in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, many employers provided special houses for the long serving employees, so there was a good reason to be faithful and dutiful towards their bosses.

Perhaps until 50 or 60 years ago, a similar situation was in place with all sorts of State run pension schemes and the like – but not any more. If you are still holding to that old myth, that all you have to do is what generations have done before you – work long and hard all your life- and at retirement, the State will look after your needs, well think again, as the Baby Boomer era (those born just after the Second World War) start to sap the remaining life out of pension funds.

But look what is happening on the retirement front – are governments trying to make the situation better or worse? Well, they are running scared, as they are also fully aware the effect the massive expansion in retirement needs of the Baby Boomers are going to have on the economy, and are possibly looking at billions more needed in pension payouts. With more and more people looking for a wealthier life style, this is going to cause a lot of political issues.

In many countries in the world, there is much talk about governments increasing the age to qualify for your pension, and many are opting for the time you reach 70, rather than the old established retirement age of 65.

Now, you may think that’s fine – if you fancy working ’til you are old and shrivelled, with no hope of an active retirement, then that’s your choice. Me – I fancy having an eye still for the opposite sex in my ‘retirement’ years.

But – here’s another not so well-known fact – recently, a major insurance company just did some research on the effect of retirement age with regard to your active life span.

Did you know that:-

If you retire at 65, the average life expectancy is 71.

If you retire at 60, the average life expectancy is 76.

If you retire at 55, the average life expectancy is 81.

How clever – if your government increases the retirement age to 70, then by following ‘The System’ you will all probably be dead before you start to draw any money from the State, leaving all that tax money in the government’s very grateful coffers…

Well, it would seem then, the sooner you retire, the longer the lifespan you be able to grab for yourself, and not only that, this extra time will be filled with abundance and plenty, a much healthier lifestyle, and one also filled with financial freedom that you only used to dream about……

Now, how on earth does a normal person buck The System, creates their own wealthier life and become financially free of this system, that controls and rules most people’s lives?

Simple. They have ‘The Knowledge’.

They are taught by enlightened friends, mentors, or life coaches, that the way to succeed in this life is not to work for money, but make money work for you!

Let’s face it; you only have 24 hours in a day, seven days a week. Once those have been ‘sold’ to your employer, there is nothing else available to you.

You need to know how to make money work for you…

Look at anybody with expensive ‘Toys’ – fast boats, the best cars, beautiful properties, and seemingly endless time on their hands…

If you want to be like them, and enjoy your own wealthier life, then you have to have ‘The Knowledge’. You have to know what they knew, to escape the system.

To get your financial independence, you need access to on line education, you need to understand how to manipulate stocks and shares, and how to get the best returns out of property investment, all topics that The System does not tell you anything about. Why should it?

The System needs people like you to keep an orderly society going – after all, if we all knew ‘The Secret’ (care of Bob Proctor) then who would be around to wash our cars, clean our pools, do all the tasks in exchange for time that we don’t want to do…

Now, one of the best ways of getting this knowledge, used to be by attend training courses, seminars, or spend a fortune on self-improvement courses. But this takes an inordinate amount of time and money, and is very demanding on time and travel arrangements.

According to Peter Drucker in Forbes Magazine last year ( just before his death after a very distinguished career in information management that stretched back to the 1920’s) there is a much better way of getting this knowledge, that of on line learning.

This on-line learning concept is earmarked to become the next massive trend on the internet, as more and more people demand this wealthier life style.

Where else are you going to get access to masses of training and learning courses from experts in property, stocks and shares, and other self-improvement courses, that you can call upon in the comfort of your own home, at time to suit you to help create your wealthier life style?

There are an increasing number of these on line learing sites appearing on the internet today, and they really represent the way forward as a means of getting ‘The Knowledge’ to produce your own wealthier life style and escaping from ‘The System.’

Rather than spending a fortune on multitudes of courses and sometimes travelling half way round the world to attend; for a small monthly fee, you can have them all, in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit your needs. Not only that, but imagine this… You have seen how ‘The Knowledge’ can improve your lifestyle, and chances of early retirement, so say you now got your friends, family, and colleagues involved as well? Not only would you be able to surround yourself with like-minded, happier people, but you could create for yourself a very substantial residual income stream from their memberships. Rather than committing to hours and hours of concentred learning, just 15 minutes a day on a regular basis will usually do the trick for you and really create this magical wealthier life style.

Not only see how ‘They’ made it to where they are in stocks and shares, investment property, and the like, and when you have created your wealthier life , learn from them how to protect your assets.

Learn from people who have escaped The System, and have managed to carve a lifestyle outside of The System that we could all become extremley jealous of.

If you are interested in this style of ‘Earn and Learn’ process, when you choose which company to work with, make sure they have a powerful way of helping you build up your own network of users, and also make sure the commission structure and pay plan is as simple and as uncomplicated but as rewarding as possible.

But above all, you owe it to yourself if you want this wealthier life to make the decision NOW to make sure you do not spend the rest of your life trapped in The System.

Let’s face it, surely it would be so satisfying for you to be able to retire earlier than you planned, live a longer life, and most of all, make sure you have the income streams to support a life of abundance and freedom.

So, what are you waiting for – come and grab your extra years…

Copyright (c) 2007 Geoff Morris