Who Cried Wolf, The Boy? Or You?

Almost every one you know has lied about something for various reasons. Lying is considered to be a way to cover the truth because of some kind of fear. It could be fear of getting hurt, being rejected, humiliated, judged and so many more. But when a person lies in an exaggerated manner and continues doing so for no reason, this person maybe suffering from a compulsive lying disorder.

Considered to be a mental disorder, compulsive lying can be traced to the person’s constant need for attention. In most cases, the line separating reality and truth has become so distorted that the person no longer realizes that he is lying. If the person continues, friends and families will no longer believe him and the person’s credibility is shattered. Remembering the story of the boy who cried wolf, a compulsive liar will be alienated and never trusted.

A person most at risk for compulsive lying is someone who is not comfortable with himself. Because of this, the person ends up creating stories and believing it himself. You will even be surprised at the consistencies of his lies. This only shows that compulsive lying is indeed a psychological disorder.

If you happen to know someone who has picked up the habit of compulsive lying, you should help this person by taking him to see a medical expert. Fortunately this disorder is treatable once the cause and risk factors are determined. As soon as the reasons have been established, doctors will recommend a treatment program.

One of the most effective ways to treat compulsive lying is through hypnotherapy. This method involves altering a person’s subconscious and leaving suggestions that he should stop lying. Of course, this is done when a person is under the influence of hypnotism. When availing of this treatment, make sure that the person doing the hypnotherapy is qualified and have had several clinical experiences.

On the other hand, if you are the one suffering from compulsive lying, it would generally be difficult to self-diagnose. In fact, compulsive liars are known to deny it. You will not be able to notice symptoms although the people around you would certainly take notice and point them out to you. Before it gets worse, you can always see a hypnotherapist, who specializes in compulsive lying. Your doctor or counselor could help you unearth the real reasons why you lie and help you recover your credibility.