WHO ARE WE REALLY???????????

No matter how much searching or personal growth we do, how many crystals or oils we work with, how much incense we burn, how many affirmations we repeat, how much chanting we do or gizmos we have, most of us would admit to feeling we are still not good enough, clever enough, beautiful enough, knowledgeable enough, rich enough,
slim enough, young enough, experienced enough or qualified enough. Or worst of all, that one day someone else might find out that we are not as good as we think they think we are!!!

I wonder if you realise that the woman you are now is the sum total of all your conscious and unconscious thoughts, experiences, beliefs and behaviours together with the actions you have taken as a result of those beliefs? There are choices you have made all along the way which have brought you to where you are now, whether you like
it or not.

If there are aspects of your life that don’t totally bowl you over with excitement and awe and passion and gratitude, then you are not living to your full potential. Let’s face it, deep down we all know there is much more to us and to our lives.

You can begin to peel away the layers that are holding you back from expressing who you really are – and allow yourself, give yourself permission to connect with your true female self, that energy, that beauty, that magnificence within, and let it shine like a pure-cut diamond. It’s time to take off the mask of all the things you feel you have
to be in order to be acceptable. It’s time to live from your purity.

Before bringing anything into your life, whether it’s a new business, a car, a frock, a pair of shoes, a kitchen stove, a holiday, a house, a new way of living, a better relationship, a healthy body, you need to decide what it is you really, really, really desire.

Deciding what we want is not always an easy task for a woman, as true female energy is wild, expansive, expressive, pure undirected flow. Can you remember what that feels like? Some of us have never even dared to go there because we get scared of our inner voice, in case it doesn’t conform to the way society seems to work.Often when I ask women what they want, they reel out a list of what they don’t want.

We rarely take time to work out precisely what we don’t want and precisely what we do want, so we tend to have to put up with whatever shows up, not realising that we are being dictated to by our unconscious mind. ©Susie Heath