White Vs. Coloured Towels

The bathroom requires all sorts of considerations and one of the major ones is whether you should use white towels or coloured towels. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look and you can decide which best suits you.


One of the things to consider is the colour and the longevity of the colour and this depends on how frequently the towels will be used. White towels look crisp, clean and go with a wide range of colours which makes it a simple, elegant choice. However, the obvious downsides are that their brightness can fade over time and stains can be hard to remove especially if small children are using them.

Coloured towels wear better, including off white colours. These have a tendency to last a lot longer when subjected to harsher conditions compared to white towels.


Of course, towel care is also something that has to be taken into account. White towels will need to be washed with white items only, otherwise you may end up with slightly discoloured towels. Or worse again, a bright colour may leak, destroying the towels completely. The benefit of coloured towels is that it can be placed in the wash with any other colours and will come out in perfect condition. There is little or no risk. They are also better for families as there is no need to worry about children and their dirty hands getting in contact with them, particularly if you choose darker colours.

White towels can be brought back to their original brightness with a little bit of stronger detergent, some people even use bleaches though this can be hard on the fabric of the towel. If you’re keen to re-use materials and save money, why not dye your white towels if they become too shabby? This means they don’t have to throw them out.


White is neutral, classic colour. The biggest benefit here is that no matter what colour scheme you’ve chosen for your hotel bathrooms, you guaranteed the white towels will fit in perfectly. Coloured towels can be limiting, especially if you’re choosing bright or bold colours, so think carefully about whether the towels will match the bathroom décor.

Of course, white towels do look a lot more attractive in a lot of ways and this is because of their clean and crisp aesthetic. With the minimalist design being quite popular, white towels are a great contemporary choice. This means that although they can be harder to care for, they will fit most colour schemes and tend to be preferred by guests.

Deciding on what colour of towel can be a difficult decision, however if you take all these things into account you should be able to make the choice.