Which vacuum is for you, canister or upright?

If you live in a house with stairs, a canister vacuum would be more convenient as the assortment of tools that are available make reaching those difficult areas, such as corners, stairways and closets, a lot easier. Canisters are also lightweight; the vacuum is pulled along easily on all types of surfaces and can be maneuvered around obstacles. If you need to carry it on stairs there is a special floor tool that inserts into the integrated wand holder so the vacuum can be picked up. This is one main advantage in comparison to upright vacuums which tend to be heavier models, making them more difficult to lift and balance on stairways. The canister models are compact and thus easier to store.

The most well known brand for vacuum cleaners these days is Miele. The trademark of all their canister vacuums is its Vortex motor, developed and produced in the Miele factories in Germany, enhancing the performance with motors up to 1200 Watts. Considering this, these vacuums are exceptionally quiet due to the design of the motor suspension and motor seal, exactly what you need if you need to listen out for your children or even the doorbell.

From the large range of vacuums to choose from it can be difficult to know which model will suit you and your needs. Mainly it will depend on the size of the areas you will generally be cleaning and the types of surface. When selecting a vacuum for home, the main decision will be to select between a canister and an upright model. Below is a general overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Canister vacuums are small, efficient and adequate for most homes, and are suited for hard surfaces and light carpets. They have a built in suction control that can be altered for carpets and rugs, tiles or wooden floors.

German made Miele vacuums, with over 20 years production experience, are made to last for at least 10 years and strict tests are carried out to ensure this is guaranteed. Then, other benefits of Miele vacuums are the H.E.P.A filter and the GAC filter. The H.E.P.A (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which is a unique filtration system that helps to remove dust particles from the air, thus reducing allergens and one of the best filtration systems available. This filter system is an important factor to anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. The GAC (Generally Activated Charcoal) filter absorbs unwanted odors. The vacuum bag is made up of 2 layers that prevent dust from escaping once it is vacuumed up and avoids mold, bacteria and fungus from growing.

Although the type of vacuum you choose depends on the environment it’s needed for, other deciding factors will influence your choice, such as the sort of floor tools you can acquire with each model. Other extras to look out for are a ‘bag full’ indicator light which is a practical addition and a thermal cut-out indicator to protect the motor from getting too hot. All Miele vacuums have a one year warranty and a seven year warranty on the motor.

Some people prefer an upright vacuum as it covers a larger cleaning area in comparison to a canister’s floor attachment, Miele upright vacuums have a 12″ cleaning path. Also they are generally cheaper than canister vacuums and better at cleaning carpets that attract a lot of dirt, either in a work place where the carpet is getting a lot of use or if you have pets. If you need to reduce the suction power the speed control can be adjusted for different surfaces. Upright vacuums can be a better option if you have problems with mobility as they reduce the need for any bending. A wider range of tools are now becoming available for these models to make them more adaptable for all surfaces. Uprights can come with or without a bag, saving you time and money.

Vacuums can last you for years with care and regular servicing. Choosing the right vacuum is not an easy task and can be overwhelming due to the number of models available. Do your research beforehand and you will be sure to make an informed decision that will make your house chores easier and more efficient.