Which Freshwater Fish Should I Get For Aquarium

There are two basic types of aquariums: saltwater and freshwater. A saltwater aquarium contains water-life and elements found in oceans while a freshwater aquarium contains the same from places like rivers, lakes, and ponds. Under no circumstance, should life (including plants) from one type of water be mixed with the other. Swapping creatures from one environment could be deadly and extreme care should be taken to ensure 100% compatibility within a single tank.

Not All Freshwater Aquarium Fish Are the Same

Almost each kind of freshwater aquarium fish has individual needs, specific food preferences, and characteristic behaviors. And it’s in your best interest to take the time and study the differences among them before you rush out, grab a bunch, and pour them into your tank. This is of utmost importance when you want to experiment and create an aquarium containing different types of fish. Some of these guys just don’t get along with other species while others are prone to gobble up the entire crew!

Where to Find Good, Healthy Freshwater Fish

You can be most successful at finding healthy freshwater fish from any certified pet dealer. The fish you acquire should not show any signs of sickness and should appear active and strong.

Introducing your fish to it’s new home

Assuming that you’ve set up a freshwater aquarium at home (or you’ve already had one set up for some time), you must quarantine your new friends before you put them into your tank. You can do this by placing the plastic bag that they’re in, into the tank. Every once in a while, add a little of your tank water into this plastic bag. After a few days, your new friends should feel welcome in their new home.

The following is a small list of some appropriate freshwater fish:

Angelfish – disk-shaped fish form warmer areas of the Atlantic ocean
Bala sharks
Bristle-nose plecostomus
Butterfly fish
Cardinal tetra
Cichlids ‘
Dace – small European fish with a slender bluish-green body
Eels – snakelike fish
Goldfish – gold or orange fish from Eurasia
Guppies – from South America and the West Indies
Knife fish
Loach – Slender fish from of Eurasia and Africa
Percoid fish
Platies – small stocky Mexican fish
Rainbow fish
Swordtails – fish with a long swordlike tail; from Central America
Tetra fish – brightly colored tropical fish

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