Which are the Best Meditation CDs?

To begin with, the best meditation CDs are not the “sounds of nature” or “mellow jazz” recordings that are sometimes sold to help one relax or meditate. Without a doubt some of these can help you relax, and possibly even help you get into a meditative state. This is even more likely if you enjoy listening to a specific one.

On the other hand, if it is just something pleasant and relaxing to listen to, there is no need to pay extra for this kind of recording. In fact, you may already own some relaxing music that you enjoy. If so, why not just use that?

Then there is the music that actually affects your brainwaves more directly. This includes some pieces by Bach and other classical composers. It was discovered decades ago that some music has a meditative effect on your brain when listened to, particularly if you are sitting or otherwise relaxing. Baroque music in particular is more likely to have this effect, although probably just certain pieces, according to the number of beats-per-minute in the tune.

Naturally, once people were using certain classical and other musical compositions for meditation, scientists looked into why they work. This was the beginning of our understanding of brainwave entrainment. When we listen to recordings with a certain pattern or beat, our brains tend to follow that pattern. Our brainwaves are altered or “entrained” into a particular frequency. If that happens to be the frequency in the alpha range (8 – 14 hertz), we have entered a meditative state.

But the best meditation CDs are not those with classical music, nor even those with the specific pieces proven to have some effect. These may affect our brainwave patterns, but they may do so only partially or during certain musical movements. After all, they were not designed for the purpose of assisting us in meditating.

The good news is that many companies have now developed recordings that are designed for the purpose of brainwave entrainment. Some use sounds of nature (the ones with rain are really soothing), and others use music, but those are just for background. Specific beats and sounds are embedded in the recording in order to lead your brain into a meditative state. All you have to do is sit down and listen with headphones. These make meditating easy for anyone.

You can enter into various levels with products like these. Some are designed for light meditation, meaning your brainwaves will be in the Alpha range. Others will take you down into the theta range (4 – 8 hertz). The ones that take you into the theta range or even deeper are also a great tool for going to sleep if you lay down while listening.

These products can be bought individually, one CD at a time. If you start that way you’ll want to get one that is meant for
light meditation. You can also get programs that include several recordings, though. These will usually be designed so each takes you to a deeper level of meditation. In any case, the best meditation CDs are definitely those that are specifically designed for brainwave entrainment.