Whey Protein Facts

Whey protein is a high quality protein that is made out of cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is made up of two proteins. The major component is called the casein which comprises around 80% of the cow’s milk and whey which comprises the rest of the 20% of protein present in cow’s milk. They whey is standardized as gold standard protein as it has been scientifically proved to be the most nutritious protein of all the proteins that exists naturally. Its solubility is more than casein and hence it is regarded as higher quality protein than casein. Its quality rating is also the highest among all the proteins. Whey protein provides the highest amount of nutrition to the body that no other protein can supply it to the body.

Whey protein is not a by-product of the cow’s milk which was originally considered for making cheese. Rather whey protein is a co-product of the cheese making process. Being the side product of the cheese making process, whey protein is the most pure form of protein among all the proteins and contains no form of fat or lactose in it. It is a high quality protein which complete made up of amino acid molecules and is free from any impurities like fats or lactose. It contains branched chain amino acids hence it is very difficult to break it down. Moreover, it is the purest form of protein containing branched chain amino acid molecules and hence this makes it even higher standard of all the proteins that exists naturally.

Being comprised of high quality branched chains of amino acids, it helps the person to lose weight in an effective manner. When a person consumes these proteins, he attains the fullness level fast as the branched chains are not easy to decompose and hence the person eats less. This automatically forces the person to burn fat present in his body and eventually he loses his weight. The whey proteins help the person to lose weight in the fastest manner as compared to any other form of proteins because of the high quality branched chain of amino acids present in it. Moreover, whey protein is nutritionally complete protein. It also increases the immunity of the body and helps the body to fight from any diseases.