Where Will Your Online Degree Take You?

There are many online degree programs offered by online universities, but not all degree programs are equal. The degree you earn through online may directly impact your career in future. Your options depend a lot on what kind of accreditation your school was granted. If your purpose of earning an online degree is to advance your career by getting a better position and better pay, then you should make sure the school will meet your expectations and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

When an online university is accredited, it means that it has passed or surpassed a set of nationally recognized standards for its teaching process. Many employers are more opt to hire graduate from an accredited online university. Comparing the following options will help you make the choice that is right for you:

1. Accredited By A Proper Regional Agency

Regional accreditation is the highest level of accreditation a university can obtain and is recognized throughout the United States. If you earn a degree from an online school that is accredited by one of these associations, you can be assured that it will be as valid as a degree from any regular university. Most employers will automatically accept your degree. Most schools will accept your credits through transfer if you plan to further your education at other university in the future.

2. Accredited By Distance Education and Training Council

If your school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, your degree will be accepted by most but may be rejected by some. As online education becomes a trend today, more employers are beginning to accept online degrees. Hence, you should be no problem in applying a job using your online degree. But there were students graduated from an online university which is accredited by Distance Education & Training Council facing difficulties to transfer their credits to other institution. You may need to prove the legitimacy of your degree to others. However, this is still a valid option.

3. Accredited By A Professional Organization

If you are pursuing your degree at online university that is accredited by a professional organization, such as "The American Library Association", your degree will only accepted by employers from specific profession. In term of credit transfer, some traditional colleges will accept your credits, but it really subjected to how the school looks at the professional organization which accredited your online university.

4. Not Accredited Or Accredited By Illegitimate Accreditation Agency

If your school is not accredited or is accredited by an agency that is not accepted as legitimate, your degree will be rejected by most employers and schools. Most employers will not view your degree as valid or legitimate. And most universities will not accept your credit transfer. If you are planning to use this degree to apply for a job, you will be at the losing edge when compete with other job applicants for the same position. Unless, your goal of online degree is simply to learn for your own enjoyment, then accredited and not accredited will not be an issue and choosing a non-accredited institution may be a fine option for you.

In Summary

Many people have difference goal on getting an online degree, know yours. Your career after you graduation will be affected by the accreditation of your online universities; hence, check to make sure the school will meet your expectations and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.