Where to Start a Herb Garden

Beyond growing fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs are some of the tastiest things that can be found in a garden. Beautiful to look at, too, a simple herb garden is ideal for indoor or outdoor cultivating.

The decision to plant an herb garden is a great one that can not only produce beautiful plants, but also save gardeners time and money in getting fresh herbs from other locations. There’s nothing quite like drying your own oregano for use in a fresh tomato sauce or cutting fresh sprigs of parsley to decorate dishes with style.

Starting a good herb garden requires only a little bit of advance consideration. These don’t need to take up a whole lot of space and can work in window planters and even right up against house walls on the outside. These gardens can be as simple or as elaborate as a gardener might want.

For those new to planting, herbs or otherwise, starting out small and working up to big results is recommended. Try a few different herbs one season and dive in for some more serious planting the next.

When creating a herb garden, pick out the plants you wish to include. The options are many, but it’s a good idea to do a little research first to find out what types grow well in your area. Choices include such things as oregano, parsley, thyme, mint and so on. They can be purchased already in the plant form or in seeds. Either tend to do well if they’re in the right soil and are right for your area (for outdoor growing.)

When picking out plants, be certain to jot down any specific needs they might have. And, also do pay attention to whether they’re perennials or biennials. You don’t want to forget where they are, because they will come back again the following year.

Whether growing indoors or out, remember herbs tend to like well-drained soil that’s pretty fertile. A neutral pH of about 7 is ideal. If growing from seeds, don’t cover them with too much soil and remember to keep the soil pretty moist. Follow package instructions.

Whether you’re creating a single window box or an elaborate herb garden, these plants are not only pretty, but they’re useful in recipes, pest control and even some home remedies. Have fun and experiment with different varieties and don’t forget to invest in a good drying rack so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor during the off seasons.