Where to build a Veranda?

If you are interested in having a veranda built in order to extend your home then there are some important considerations, the first of which should probably be where to build it? This article will explore some of the points to consider in deciding where to locate your veranda.

Planning Permission
If you want to avoid the cost and delay that planning permission will bring then this makes the decision quite straightforward, you should build at ground level at the rear of your property, because if there is any extension to the home towards a public right of way (road or footpath) then you will generally need planning permission. If you build at the rear and conform to some reasonable constraints (size, retaining external doors and windows, etc.) then you can generally avoid planning permission.

Natural Light
If you have the time and funds for planning permission then you can consider what kind of natural light you would like to enjoy on your veranda. This is just as important as with a closed conservatory, except that there is a reverse logic here. A conservatory can become unbearable if it has sun shining on it all day because it is enclosed, so a south facing conservatory will need some kind of protection from sunlight in the summer. Conversely, a veranda would be best placed on a south facing side of a property precisely because it will enjoy the sun for most of the day. An open veranda enjoys the benefits of constant ventilation, unlike a closed conservatory, so it will protect you from the rain but not heat up like an oven. And because the veranda is part of the garden you can still use a conventional parasol attached to your garden furniture if the sun is too bright.

If there is only space to build a north-facing veranda at the rear of the home then a wraparound veranda might be considered. Here, the veranda is built in an ‘L’ shape beginning at the side of the property and then extending around to the rear. The side projection will enjoy morning sun and the rear will enjoy sunlight in the evening, providing a blend of shade and warmth according to the season and weather.

Front or Rear
Again, if you’re prepared to apply for planning permission, then a veranda located at the front of a property can make for a more interesting choice. This is particularly true if you already have a conservatory at the rear and a beautiful garden at the front. A veranda is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your hard day in the soil, experiencing the fragrance and atmosphere of the garden without the need for a glass barrier. There is also the enjoyment of watching life go by, bringing you out from the privacy of the rear of your home into the world passing by your front door. If you have a large front garden or live on a quiet road this needn’t be too intimate, just an opportunity for a different perspective looking out from your home. Most of us confine ourselves to one viewpoint, with a conservatory and living room at the rear, when there may be a glorious view from the front begging for a bit of approval.

These choices, however, will usually demand planning permission and even if that can be avoided then building regulations must always be met. A reputable firm will be able to give specialist advice on locating your veranda and will help you apply for planning permission and make sure all building regulations are met. A good test for any company you are considering is whether they can immediately answer your questions on each of the points raised above, if they are up to the job they will give a detailed response based on the letter of the law.