Where is Your Energy Going?

I have been substantially in my life by the inspiration that speaker, Nido Qubein, puts forth. When he came to the United States as a teenager who spoke practically zero English, Nido had only $50 cash available and zero contacts. From that place on the starting line, Nido became one of the most successful speakers in America, and has authored two dozen books on communication, persuasion, and business.

Nido suggests that instead of focusing on time management as a central goal, to instead look at Energy Management. Life is about focus, not just ideas; it’s not just about execution, but about doing things with minimal investment.

One of the most dominant excuses I’ve heard people use for why they have not yet written that book inside their heads, created a successful business – the list is long and varied. You’ve heard me speak about this in my newsletter _In Focus_ many times. Since we all have the same amount of time in a day, and almost everyone I know has a busy life full of work and play, family and friends, it really comes down to where you are focusing your energy that determines your ability to accomplish your objectives.

So what obstacles keep you from moving toward your goal? You’ve only got twenty four hours each day. How do you use this time? If you want a better understanding of how you miss the chance to direct your energy, here are three steps that can help you:

First, identify the obstacles—and have the guts to remove them.

Do you put up with “stuff” in your life? Don’t tolerate that any more? What can you say no to? What choices can you make that will give you more energy? Once you identify them, change them. No one but you can make you do anything. So start choosing for yourself first.

Second, pave the path—do what works.

What is the most efficient path to your destination? How can you conserve energy in getting from point A to point B? What can you put in place that will save you energy? An even more effective remedy is to see what will enhance your energy?

Third, begin with zero-based thinking – assume nothing, step out of the box and shred it behind you. Innovation is the key. Begin intentionally to focus your energy into the channels that are most effective.

What can you do to totally turn your world on its head, again with minimal energy use? What possibilities exist that you might not have taken into consideration?

Take the three steps from above and write your answers to the questions. Your energy is being diverted into channels that might surprise you.