Where Is the Best Car Auctions Located

A car auction is a great place to find a new or used car. Most large communities or counties will offer weekly or monthly car auctions. Most are adequate for the novice needs, but where are the best car auctions for car dealers and car enthusiasts? Many venues offer ways to find these premier car auction sites and it takes a little research and entrepreneurship to locate and make the best use of the facilities. If you find the car auction that is best for your purposes, your buying and selling expertise may land you a nice deal.

Car magazines and sales papers are a good resource in finding the best car auction. If properly advertised the car auction will list the vehicles that will be offered and the condition of each. The magazine ads should detail location, time, and other stipulations for the auction. It should also let the reader know if the auction is open to the public or if it is closed to dealers only or other specialized groups. The ads should be specific to why they are the best and why you should visit them. Keywords to watch for is dealer lot excess or out of business sale. These kinds of car auctions will offer the best price on quality used or new.

Another great location for a car auction is a rental car auction. Here, big name rental car companies such as Hertz and Enterprise clean out their fleets of older cars to buy new cars to rent. The cars put up for auction are prior rentals that have little or no damage. There worth is diminished by a high number of miles, but the maintenance records and major mechanic problems will be detailed listed and the buyer can make an informed decision before bidding on a car. The traditional car auction does not offer this convenience and the buyer usually goes in blind to what condition the car really is instead of the outside appearance.

The best auctions are located online. There are a plethora of online car auctions that allow the buyer, dealer or novice, to look at a vehicle and actually have time to judge the worth of the vehicle. The auctions usually last five to seven days and the seller have to pay the online car auction fees. You can even email the seller and ask specific question before you commit yourself to a bid. You can watch the bidding process online or you can have email or text alert issued if you are outbid or if the bidding is over. Another convenience is that you do not have to sit in a hot auction barn around a lot of strangers. The online environment is private, comfortable, and secure.

No matter what venue you choose to participate in the car auction, the best car auction is the one right for your needs and tastes. If unfamiliar with the car auction business, it is best to research all options before making a decision to invest in one or the other. The kinds of auctions are numerous, the one that is best for you is your decision.

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