Where do we find happiness?

Hundreds of thousands of people are at this very moment striving to become millionaires in order to be happy. At the same time, millions more are trying to achieve even just a small slice of fortune and wealth. And although many people do get to that stage of attainment of reaching success, in the end most of them regret the fact that they have devoted all their time and energy to seeking happiness through money.

These people were fooled into thinking that finding happiness is at the next big job, or that next business venture, or perhaps if they just saved enough money, etc. They regret about things that they did not do and happiness that they would otherwise enjoyed had they worked less and lived life more.

What is ironic is that these people are not the type of individuals who are confused, obsessed, neurotic, or without a clue as to what they want to accomplish in life. These are smart, talented, well-balanced, and well respected people in our everyday society who are going through life never seeking the true meaning of happiness.

For instance, take George Soros, the famous currency speculator. By using his financial skills and know-how, Soros collected a fortune that was estimated at $5 billion. However, he states that he would trade it all up for a chance to have achieved the career he has always dreamed of having. His real passion has always been about intellectual pursuit, not the making of money.

Some time ago, Soros had told a reporter for Canada’s National Post newspaper this statement: “It would give me a great deal more satisfaction if I was recognized as a philosopher.” The reporter then asked him if he would give all his money away for that, his reply was “Well, yes definitely.”

The experience of George Soros is very common. There are thousands of people who have worked hard and built up a substantial amount of money and fortune but later realized that it was not worth it. They concluded that if they had less money, they would only have given up objects and possessions that they did not really need anyway. In addition, they realized that they would have enjoyed their life more and would have been happier along the way, had they worked less.

Many things that are worth having cannot be calculated in dollars and cents. No amount of money can guarantee you a relaxed, stress-free, satisfying, happy, and fulfilled life. Giving up a more fulfilled and happy life in the present for a possible equivalent of more financial gain in the future seems foolish. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to enjoy your life now – in the present and to live every day of it with excitement and passion.