Where Do The Best Diamonds Come From?

Diamonds are one of the most popular gifts in the world. Each year, husbands and boyfriends buy their significant others billions of dollars worth of diamonds for anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas.
On the entire planet, there are just over a couple dozen diamond mines in production, nearly half of which are in Africa.

When choosing a diamond, there are many factors to consider to ensure you get the best diamonds in the world.

Some consumers are affected morally when purchasing a diamond and will not buy one if it comes from an area of the world known to have a diamond industry that is fueled by terror, weapons and war.

For this reason, the Canadian diamond industry is fast becoming home of the most popular diamonds on Earth.
In the past 17 years, Canada has emerged as the third biggest diamond producers on Earth, after having no diamond industry prior to 1990.

Canadian diamonds are known for their quality and being clean or non-bloody as some diamonds are in developing countries.

One aspect that makes the Canadian diamond stand out is the fact that each is uniquely etched with a polar bear by laser. This is done to ensure high quality standards and the elimination of forgeries.
Diamonds cut in Canada, by Canadian manufacturers, under the strict scrutiny of a government body results in the diamonds carrying a higher value on the world market.

One indicator of the quality and purity of Canadian diamonds is the fact that the price per carat of a Canadian diamond is $228, which ranks third in the world behind Namibia and Angola.

If the issue of purchasing a diamond that came from a mine in a troubled country bothers you, obviously a Canadian diamond is the way to go. However, there is another reason to go with diamonds from the Great White North, and that is because of the environmental focus that the companies like De Beers and Tahera take to ensure that once they leave, the former mine site returns to nature.

Important government environmental regulations are followed for all of the sites in the Northwest and Nunavut Territories in the Canadian north. All sites are required by law to not interfere with wildlife in any way, to cut down a tree an arduous bureaucratic process must be followed and what goes into the north for diamond mining always comes out when the mining has completed.

As well, the Canadian diamond mines have helped to raise the prosperity of the Inuit, who are benefiting greatly from the billions of dollars flowing through the north.

So, when you are looking for a diamond to buy that is free of blood and high in purity, look for the polar bear in the diamond.