When Your Teenager Starts Talking About That First Car

When Your Teenager Starts Talking About That First Car

Oh no the day has finally came your teenager is asking for their first car. If you are like many parents you have thought about this day both fearfully and joyously, your baby really is growing up. I know I dread the day my children ask me for one, it is a sign that they are ready to start spreading their wings on the flight away from home.

However never fear there may be hope for us yet. We can take this opportunity to teach our children a valuable lesson that they can carry with them throughout life. The value of money and how much can that dollar really buy. When they come asking for a new car, remember remain calm. Maybe even start out with something like this, ‘so you think you are ready for a car. Okay well what did you have in mind and how much do you have to spend on one.’

Yeah I know my dad bought my first car and yes he paid for my insurance and even helped me out with gas. That was of course until I got my first real job and started making enough money to cover some of the cost. So what am I suggesting? Why not have your son or daughter get a job, nothing that will take away from school work, and if you can afford their car payments, insurance, gas, and allowance if they get one.

Well maybe you might consider working out a system with them, such as keeping or getting better grades. Trust me from my own personal experience getting and keeping better grades for my first car was a bigger incentive than anything else my dad had suggested. Another thing you can suggest is that they do stuff around the house, or maybe if Grandma and Grandpa are around doing stuff at theirs.

You can also have them help out in the neighborhood or at a friends, with either of these you can set a certain amount of hours or job and say this will earn you gas for the next couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting working them to hard or too cheaply but make ever yard mowing worth something towards their new car.

Another way you can make them more responsible about owning their own car is helping you take care of yours and maybe having them help you or a family member work on a car. Learning how to take care of a car is important and will save money in the long run. Also it will give you a way for them to earn that first ride without mom or dad, you want to drive by yourself, fine prove to me you can take care of your car. Then have them do a checklist on regular maintenance until you know they have it. Then make them prove it, by telling you how to do each thing. Possibly pointing at the right part of the car while they are describing it.

I hope this helps alleviate some of the new car worries when it comes to your baby buying their first vehicle.

Source: https://positivearticles.com