When Your PDA Stops Working

A lot of people can get very agitated when their PDA stops working. I am talking about letting it charge all night, going to turn it on, and nothing happens. Of course you try resetting your PDA on the back cover and still nothing but a dark blank touch screen. There is obviously something wrong with your PDA.

Unfortunately, people forget that a PDA is nothing more than a small computer with a very high technical out put of intelligence. The ability to store files and do other things just as a desktop model would. So when the PDA stops working what do people do? You guessed it, instead of trouble shooting or taking it somewhere where professionals can see what’s going on with the PDA, the owner decides to take it a part, as if it were a portable radio!

There are several reasons why your PDA has stopped working. Maybe the memory is full and you simply need to stop some of the programs. However, if it is the case that your touch screen remains black and the PDA won’t start even after you have reset it then there is a potential problem with your PDA. When your PDA stops working the last thing you should do is take it a part, this is a no, no. A big No, no.

Unless you know what you are doing, you have no idea what is involved. Taking the PDA a part can and usually does cause severe damage to the point of one having to get a brand new PDA. Remember a PDA is a small computer, it has components, memory and very small parts and delicate parts, such as the processor and tiny wires as well.

These things cannot be disturbed unless you know what you are doing or the PDA is flat out destroyed. If one wire is broken off, or a component even slightly moved, the PDA is not going to work properly. Something to consider before taking your PDA apart, is are you absolutely sure you know how it goes back together, and if taking it apart will this cause more damage than good. Another point to consider is if you take the PDA a part will it actually fix the problem. Although some people get the notion that taking the PDA a part will in fact allow to fix the PDA often times are those people who find themselves buying a new PDA as the out come of their endeavor.

Most PDA’s are not built to be taken a part. However, a very few of them are, if it is by a professional and knows exactly what he or she is doing. Otherwise the efforts are simply in vain, and cannot be reversed in most cases.

The best thing to do, is not take it a part at all, to diagnose the problem. The best thing to do is take it to a professional. Most often times they can attempt to dock it with a main computer and see if they can’t get it to come on, to troubleshoot the possible reason as to why it is not functioning the way it should. But never take the PDA a part on your own.

Source: https://positivearticles.com