When Your Manhood Get Challenged

Have you ever had your manhood challenged by a bad mannered or abusive woman?

Then read on.

Deal with her masculinity tests

Beware of generalization.

The fact that a women misbehave with you once does not mean she’s an abusive type.

Indeed there are some cases when you meet a woman and you could say she’s nice in general but from time to time she seems to get a little bit cranky to say the least.

Actually, she’s not misbehaving.

She’s actually testing your manhood.

I wrote on several occasions that as a man you have to be able to demonstrate leadership abilities on a constant basis with women. And when you slip away from your masculine core, that’s when a woman will start to boss you around as a way of re-implementing polarity in your relationship.

What should you do? Simple. Retake your leadership position. Be a man. Lead the way.

She’s a real nutcase

In some other cases, you will encounter women who are real pain in the a… Technically we sometimes refer to those women as strong low self-esteem types.

How do you spot them?

Quite simple. You want to witness any sign that indicates that the woman thinks she’s worthless.

Signs such as “I have a fat ass” or “I cannot be loved”.

If those are recurrent signs, you have a low self-esteem type on your hands.

How do you deal with them?

Well if you’re not very experienced with this kind of woman, and if she’s a real nutcase, my top recommendation would simply be to next her. And no it is not acting as a coward to do that. I’d actually say it’s a sign of wisdom because you will lose a lot of time trying to deal with her.

If she’s not too much of a serious case, and if you’re quite experienced, you can have fun with her.

In all cases, I strongly advise not to go into relationships with this kind of women. Why?
Because if she’s pathologically bad, and if you want to share your life with her, you will have surrender to the fact that she will never give you the chance of being nice to her without attempting to cut your balls when you do that.

No Mister Nice Guy

With nutcases don’t do the basic mistake of being too nice to them!

If such a woman complains that she has a fat ass… agree with her!

You have to show power. Especially abusive types are not able to understand things like “Morals”. Forget morals, forget supporting those kind of women.

Instead, if you want to win you got to do the only rational thing to do in this situation: play with their emotions.

Play the bad guy. Target first her mind and only after her pussy.

But play a even worse bad guy than she’s being a bad woman. What’s the first quality of a bad guy? To me it’s unpredictability. Play a bad guy whose moves she cannot see in advance. A guy whom she will not be able to put in the box of any frame.

Reverse the game as a way of keeping them on their toes, just like they use to do with desperately nice guys. Don’t take those women seriously. At no point shouldn’t they be able to put you in a box or role, be it the provider, the nice guy or the bad boy.

Final advice, don’t invest too much energy into her. The meaning of those women being abusive is usually to have you invest energy into them and control you.

Disinvest yourself progressively and… eventually leave at some point.

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