when your efforts yield no result

Sometimes you find that whatever the effort you have done still there is no result showing up…
Sometimes you find that you have been doing your best and more than your best but still there is no outcome..
Sometimes you feel that you wasted lots of effort, time and resources but still you didn’t get any reward…

Do you know why did you feel so?
Because you know nothing about the bamboo tree.

If you have ever asked someone who is involved in growing such kind of trees, you will be amazed to know the way this tree grows. At the first four years, the seed is watered and taken care of but it only grows with a very rate, as if all the water was drained, as if all of the fertilizers do nothing, but at the fifth year, the bamboo tree suddenly grows to reach a high of between 60 to 90 feet, this makes it suddenly taller than any other tree around it!!

The tree that was once nothing is now the tallest!! And in only one year. Do you know why?? The tree was storing the growth as potential, the tree was absorbing all what was given to it and turning it into a potential, and then when the time came, it did that amazing growth.

You too may be planting a bamboo tree, but in the form of the effort that you are doing, each drop of your sweat, each moment that you have spent, each single moment you felt tired, was never get lost, it’s just stored in your potential, and when the right time comes, you will do just the like the bamboo tree did, you will suddenly outperform everyone around you!!

If you don’t see yet the result of your effort, don’t give up, know that you may be planting a bamboo tree, don’t keep following up with your tree for the first three or four years then leave it to die thinking that there is no hope, wait till the fifth year, and then you will see yourself.