When You Should Use An Orange Juice Extractor

An orange juice extractor is a subset of juicers. Citrus fruits are a more difficult challenge than most due to the tough skin and pulp.

Many citrus juicers are built around cone shaped heads on which the user places and holds half of a citrus fruit.

Others are very similar to conventional juicers and simply rely on more power, typically no less than half a horsepower or at least 450 watts, to overpower the resistance of the pulp.

Citrus juicers often receive complaints about small amounts of juice extracted compared to other forms of produce, and often receive complaints about the pulp and how it makes cleaning difficult and loss of juice when the pulp is extracted.

Juicers have some normal requirements, including a constant need for disposal of pulp and an almost industry wide set of complaints about ease of cleaning.

Orange juice extractors facilitate consumption of nutrient rich juices from a variety of produce, but appear to be a product where the entry level machines are only enough to give you a taste for the product, while not really being suitable for permanent use.

Some products simply require a more significant investment for a good example of the type, at least at this time. Orange juice extractors appear to be one of those types of products.

Best Orange Juice Extractors
The Juiceman Jr. Automatic Juice Extractor is an example of multipurpose juice extractors, rather than specifically being an orange juice extractor.

This $50 machine is intended for the beginning juicer rather than a devoted juicer who relies heavily on the machine. It weighs nine pounds, comes with two speeds for soft and hard produce, and is about a foot tall, a foot wide and a half a foot deep.

The machine will not start if the lid is not securely emplaced, and there is a one-year warranty.

Apples should be juiced last in multi-fruit juices, as they tend to clog the filter, and pineapples are too tough for the machine and dull the blades. The filter requires cleaning often, and is best done by hand.

The Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor is also a multipurpose juicer. Normally $500, it can be found online currently for $300.

This is a powerful, easily cleaned juicer intended for serious use. The machine is about a foot and a half tall, a foot wide and a foot deep while weighing twelve pounds.

It comes with a one-year warranty and has a wide mouth to reduce the need to chop up produce before juicing. It is loud, and very fast.

Reviews are numerous and very enthusiastic for this impressive juicer. For those who actually intend to use a juicer daily, this appears to be one of the more attractive choices available.