When to Use a Radar Detector

The Best Times To Have A Radar Detector In An Automobile
It’s a simple fact of life that even the best driver in the world can get a speeding ticket. Even if the driver normally follows all the rules and makes sure to cross Ts and dot Is, slip ups can happen behind the wheel. Whether it’s driver error or faulty equipment, things happen.

To help lessen the chances of a good driver getting penalized for a momentary lapse of speed control or even speedometer mechanical error, many drivers are turning to radar detectors to help them know when law enforcement might be on the prowl.

Here are some examples of times when human error can come into play, making the most careful driver more prone to error. These are the times when a beeping radar detector’s alarm can come in handy to bring the person behind the wheel back into control – hopefully, before it’s too late!

* Long car trips – No matter how cautious a motorist is, it’s often very difficult to keep a steady, even pace while driving on a long trip. Add to the confusion traversing unfamiliar roads and unknown speed traps and it can be a recipe for disaster for a person’s driving record.
* When a driver is tired – Even the most perfect driver can make errors in speed control when they’re tired.
* Straight roads – It’s a simple fact that long, straight roads tend to encourage higher speeds. This is especially so in the case of interstates and boring highways without much scenery. The best of the best behind the wheel can make a costly mistake on one of these roads.
* School zones – Even a mile or two above the limit here can result in a costly ticket. Knowing for certain law enforcement is around can encourage the smarter drivers to travel a mile or two UNDER the limit in a school zone, or even a construction zone, to ensure the complete avoidance of a ticket.

While no method of detection is 100 percent foolproof, radar detectors can give drivers a much-needed edge or at least a wake up call to behave behind the wheel even when conditions make it difficult to do so.

Source: https://positivearticles.com