When to meet an Online Dater

How to Know When it’s Time to Meet in Person

When a relationship starts through an online forum or interface, no mater how often you talk or email, there is an element of anonymity that naturally resides between the two of you. One of the hardest and most frightening next steps in an online-spudded relationship is taking the relationship to the next level by meeting in person.

There is a natural degree of nervousness that ensues as soon as a date is set. No matter how many times you have reviewed each other’s photos and emails for signs of assured attraction, you will still wonder if the relationship is as magical in person as it seems to be online.

Here are some tips for making the first meeting a successful one:

1. Dress nicely.
There is nothing more disappointing than having an image of the perfect person built up in your head. She’s smart, attractive, witty and full of life in her emails. Heck, you even like her voice. But if she shows up in unkempt clothes and has not bathed for days, you have to admit that you will be understandably taken aback. The way that a person holds him or herself is very important, for it determines and admits lifestyle, personal image and confidence. Show your potential suitor that your life is pulled together, as is your outfit. You don’t necessarily have to be the most fashionable, but it is essential that you have good hygiene and wear your clothes comfortably (ie – no oversized or undersized clothing should be permitted.)

2. Smile.
Even if it’s not your thing, a confident smile will convey to your new special friend that you are interested in what he or she has to say. It says that you’re glad to be there with him or her and helps him to relax into the conversation. Don’t worry if your new partner is not smiling, he or she may just be nervous. Also, remember that smiling too much may convey a sense of discomfort and could be perceived as an overcompensation for some aspect that you feel you are lacking on a personal level. Practice having a smile-sensitive conversation with a friend it you have any question about your smiling tendency.

3. Bring a gift.
Both men and women enjoy receiving gifts as tokens of affection. For the first time that you meet your online friend in person, it is important that you break the ice by offering a gift. Men love things like books and magazines. Women love the classic gifts of candy and flowers.

By following these few guidelines, you should begin to feel more comfortable about beginning a new phase of your relationship. Remember to be natural and show interest in your partner. Being genuine is the best way to win someone over. Most of all, have fun!

Source: https://positivearticles.com