When to Euthanize a Dog

When to consider euthanizing your dog

Are you considering euthanasia for your dog?

Are you still torn between whether you should do this or not?

Well, the below piece will throw more light on what you should consider when thinking of euthanizing your dog or not.

Before delving into this, it is important to define what euthanasia really means.

Pet Euthanasia means ‘mercy killing’ where pets are killed painlessly and silently to prevent them from continuous suffering.

It was derived from the Greek word meaning “good death”. Good in the sense that the pets are spared from the agony of painful death.

Debating whether euthanasia for your pet should be done or not is always a very complicated debate.

Proponents of pet euthanasia insist that it is better for your pet to die painlessly and silently than to go through unimaginable agony and still die at the end of it.

They wonder why you should be cruel to watch your pet suffer many days, weeks or even months of agony- when you can help it end its life silently and painlessly.

To these proponents of euthanasia in pets, they feel it is much cruel to allow your pet suffer and still die than it is to painlessly end its life via ‘silent killing’.

The opponents of pet euthanasia on the other hand see the act as cruelty of the highest order.

Their reasoning is- why wickedly kill these pets when they could still have a chance to survive?

Whichever party you belong to is not important. What is important is how you feel about it all. I personally feel that this issue of pet euthanasia is a touchy issue that only you can decide whether you want it or not.

If you don’t want it, then it is your duty to ensure that your pet does not suffer too much in its present condition. Do all you can to ensure it get the best attention from your vet doctor while it is still alive.

And if you support and want pet euthanasia, then see your veterinary doctor for the best way to do this that will ensure your pet doesn’t feel any pain.

Most pet euthanasia is just by injecting your dog and it will ‘go to sleep’ (as it is often referred) within a short time. There is hardly ever any sign of struggle in your dog after the euthanasia is administered. It would instead gradually fall into a silent state- like a deep sleep- until it losses it’s breath and goes limp- all painlessly done.

If you really feel a lot of love for your pet and want it to be decently buried after the euthanasia, then make sure you don’t leave it with the veterinarian doctor after it is done. Some of these veterinarian doctors actually use these pets for experiments after the euthanasia.

So, either you take your dog along with you for burial or cremation or you get the word of the veterinarian that it will be buried or cremated and not used for experiment.

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