When teens struggle parents suffer

At first glance there appears to be love hate relationship between teens and their parents. Well, Perhaps hate is too strong word. Teens don’t understand why parents cannot relate to them; after all, they were young once (they were teens, too!). Parents, on the other hand, don’t understand why their kids don’t act more responsibly.

A new study confirms that parental behavior can affect how likely teenagers are to join a gang or participate in gang delinquency.

But the study also reveals that the same behaviors that discourage gang activity in teens from one ethnic group might have no effect, or even encourage gang activity, in teens from a different ethnic group.

The same research indicates that gang intervention programs, which often focus on teens’ peer relationships, could be more effective if they also addressed the parent-teen relationship.

Ask any teen to explain what stresses them out, and parents always come up. It is impossible to go through the teenage years without stress.

Now you can see that, not only are you not alone, but also, through the feelings and view- points expressed by real life middle and high school students, that you hold the promises of the future. Hot stones & funny Bones is a must all teens, as well as all parents wishing to understand their teens.

How many times have you read a great book on parenting and then tried to implement what you read without great results? The principles sounded great but they just didn’t translate into real-world application.

Many parents know they have a troubled teen on there hands, as these warning signs will help tell. The question many parents have is “What do I do!” or “what are my options? If you have any suggestions for how to improve this site or any questions pertaining to this site, feel free to go:



There are ways to help to manage your teens and all it takes is some effort to find those answers. We know that in today’s society, parenting teens can be a huge challenge and it always helps to receive a little insight from others who have been down that path. Be sure to come back and see us often as we are continually adding information to the site. They serves troubled teens dedicated to getting them back on the right track and back onto the pathway toward their destiny in Christ. Abundant Life Academy can be considered to be a spiritual and academic boot camp for kids who are acting out.