When My Ship Comes In

Have you ever heard the expression, “I’m waiting for my ship to come in?” People say this hoping that someday and somehow, something really wonderful is going to happen that will forever change their life. Perhaps they will receive a large sum of money. Maybe they’ll get a fabulous job offer. Could the “ship” be a big inheritance?

They are waiting for something really grand that will change the course of their life.

But until then, they just need to get through another day until that ship arrives. They are trying desperately to survive in this cruel world until their ship docks, because then their life will be fantastically fulfilled.

For a lot of people, living life is just one big struggle day after day with very little enjoyment. Many use alcohol or drugs to escape their unfulfilled lives and mask their disappointments. They are just not happy. But you never know, someday their ship may come in.

Dale Carnegie once said, “One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”

Why is it that so few really enjoy life? When you really think about it honestly, enjoying life is a choice. You can choose to make a conscious effort every morning to really enjoy each and every new day.

You can choose to enjoy today what you have in your life. A big part of it is being grateful for what you have, but you can be grateful for something and not enjoy it.

For example, you can be grateful that you have a house to live in but choose to not enjoy it. You can look at all its imperfections and all the things that need improving. But instead of living life that way, why not just enjoy sitting in your living room? It’s your living room!

Enjoy the kitchen – it’s your kitchen right now! Enjoy every part of your home – it’s your home right now!

You may have dreams and goals of having a bigger and nicer house. That’s wonderful. Now there is a big difference between enjoyment and settling. Being grateful doesn’t mean that you are settling for what you have now and abandoning your dreams. But if you are going to wait until those dreams are reality in your life to enjoy living where you are right now, you are missing out on life!

When I lived in Minnesota, I had a small snow blower. It was a great help in clearing off my driveway. I was grateful to have it. But it was old, and it began to break down. And after breaking down a number of times, there came a point when I could no longer enjoy it. So I replaced it.

Life should be enjoyed now, today, this very moment! Be grateful for what you have and enjoy it!

I have observed over the years that people, who cannot enjoy what they have today, never enjoy what they receive tomorrow. The reason is simple. They have never learned how to enjoy life!

They choose to live their lives ungratefully, wishing and hoping for something better. They talk about their ship coming in someday and then all of life’s problems will somehow melt away. There isn’t enough cargo on a fleet of ships that will make them happy, because they have chosen to not enjoy the life that they have today!

Choose to enjoy your life today. It is a gift to you, that’s why it’s called the present! Embrace life! Live life to its fullest. Don’t just enjoy your house, enjoy your job, your car, and everything else!

The Bible says that God has given us richly all things to enjoy! To enjoy! He wants you to enjoy this life!

Take time each day to be grateful, and then enjoy another brand new day and live it to the fullest!