When Landing Mega Joint Ventures, It IS Who You Know

Copyright 2006 Willie Crawford

Allow me let you in on a HUGE secret to landing lucrative joint ventures. The key to getting the biggest list owners to JV with you is often who you know.

It’s no secret that people prefer dealing with, and helping, people that they know, like, and trust. So to increase your chances of setting up major joint ventures you actually have to get known by your desired JV partners.

One of the easiest ways to get known within the Internet marketing arena, is to attend a few seminars, and spend some time talking with other marketers. The REAL friendships that you form at these events is amazing. After the seminar, keep in touch with the other marketers, and then when you are ready to do a JV, you’ll have a slew of people who would be happy to JV with you.

Meeting, and really getting to know your potential JV partners, before you need them, is an example of “digging your well before you’re thirsty.”

You’ll find a schedule of every major Internet marketing seminar planned within the next six months at: http://InternetMarketingSeminarSchedule.com

If for some reason, you can’t attend seminars, then your best access to lucrative JV’s is through someone who actually knows your desired jv partners. JV brokers can often get your product noticed by the big players when you can’t. That’s because JV brokers (like myself) “quality control” the offers before telling our list of high level contacts about the offers.

Another way to get to know people who are likely to do JV’s with you is through organizations set up specifically to facilitate joint ventures. One such organization is JV Alert. JV Alert has lots of members with lists numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Some members send MILLIONS of opt-in emails to their lists (and partners’ lists) every week.

You can get more information on JV Alert at: http://YouScratchMyBackIScratchYours.com

But what if you are a newbie, or an unknown? Will attending seminars or joining a group like JV Alert really make a difference?

The best way to answer that question is to introduce you to Sterling Valentine.

Sterling is a member of JV Alert. He met a number of heavy hitters at a JV Alert seminar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about 2 months ago. He so impressed a number of heavy-hitters with his drive and well-thought-out ideas that they decided to make him a success.

They’re actually taking him under their wings, helping him to create a big-ticket item, and then to earn $100,000 in 90 days.

You can read about Sterling and his project at: http://100000In90Days.com

Sterling’s webpage reads “Can One Regular Guy With Nothing But A Beat Up Laptop And A Dream – And No Internet Marketing Experience – Convince The World’s Top JV Masterminds To Reveal Their Most Profitable Deal-Making Secrets On Video, Turn It Into A Mega-DVD Infoproduct, And Make $100,000 Selling It Online, ALL IN JUST 90 DAYS?”

Admittedly, SterlingÂ’s story is atypical. When I was invited to participate, it was explained to me that we were “stacking the deck.” Bringing in the top-level marketers from JV Alert, and getting them to commit to Sterling’s project, virtually assures that it will be a success.

However, this goes back to the title of the article. You see, Sterling met, befriended, and impressed Ken McArthur, a co-founder of JV Alert. Ken leveraged his friendship with other members of JV Alert to get them to help with the project. Without Ken’s help, it’s unlikely that as many “big names” would have agreed to help Sterling with the project.

Sterling met Ken at a live seminar. Without getting out and actually meeting Ken, it’s unlikely that Sterling would have impressed Ken so. It’s unlikely that he could have been as convincing via email, or the telephone. It was a LONG, face-to-face discussion that convinced Ken to agree to mentor Sterling, and to “pressure” his other contacts into really looking at the project.

It’ll be interesting to see how much Sterling actually makes from this project in only 90 days. I’m certain that it will be six-figures… perhaps even “high” six-figures.

Since most Internet marketers with big lists get dozens of JV requests some days, you need an “edge” to improve your chances of landing a JV with them. That edge, could very easily be just getting to know the right people. It’s as simple as that.