When it Comes to Good Health and Energy, a Balanced Diet is Key

Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

You still can’t beat the good old starch, fruit and vegetable diet when it comes to good health and an abundance of energy. In addition a good nutrition and balanced diet gives good healthy body weight.

Eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health for everyone. This year, instead of trying yet another diet, resolve to make a positive change for good health. Learning about the important relationship between good health and nutrition is the first step in living longer. This forms a base for good nutrition and good health and may reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Consider centering your diet around a complex carbohydrate starch based diet like potatoes, rice and pasta instead of fatty meat. Surround that starch with fresh vegetables and fruit. Trust me this really works. To lose or maintain your weight limit your over-all consumption of the starches but go ahead and eat all of the vegetables and fruit you want. By eating these through-out the day you will never feel hungry.

Colorful fruits and vegetables provide the wide range of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals your body needs to maintain good health and energy levels. Here’s to your good health, longevity, energy and vitality! There are, however, some simple, but powerful steps every person can take to enjoy more energy and good health daily, such as choosing fresh fruits and vegetable instead of canned or frozen. Remember that the body burns the essential fatty acids not for energy, but for special functions necessary for good health and survival. Instead energy is fueled by the complex carbohydrates mentioned earlier. This is how the right food and lifestyle choices contribute to good health, vitality and energy.

The last point I want to make is that there will be times that you must have that steak or hamburger. It is alright to treat yourself every-so-often in order for you to stay the course. Also, a bit of advise, after you make the change to a starched base diet you will crave meat less and less. In fact after a long period of time meat will even make you feel sluggish and sick.

I am not a nutritionist or doctor so please get your doctors approval before making this switch, although I am quite sure that he/she will not have any problem with giving you a thumbs up. Good luck.