When in Rome–Do What the Romans Do!

If you have taken the time and expense to visit Rome, why would you be concerned about home?

So, you have planned this trip to Rome for months-you need to get away, to forget about things for awhile and enjoy all that Rome has to offer. Everyone needs a vacation, a change of pace, an opportunity to experience something different.

So why is it that two days after you have arrived in Rome, you are thinking about things at home? Your focus is not where you are. Your mind constantly is returning to what may be going on at home. Your job is occupying much of your minds attention. You left home to experience Rome, not to dwell on things thousands of miles away. Your home will be there when you get back. Your job will be there and so will your family and friends. How much sense does it make to be dwelling on these things?

You have 14 days, and for two of them you have not been in the moment. If fact your time has been spend looking for familiar things- food, surroundings and entertainment. How insane is it to go through all this effort and not leave home? You have not set yourself free and you have just expanded the box you now find yourself in. This kind of insanity is no less senseless than what most of us are experiencing right now in this lifetime.

As spiritual beings we came from nothing to experience everything. The world of the absolute is emotionless and mindless and that is why you left there to experience the physical life and its five senses and emotions-why are you concerned about being back at home. This is where you focus needs to be-you do not have to worry about going back home-you will get there. The afterlife is senseless and it is that which you are once again experiencing in this life-you are being senseless. The physical life is a wonderful buffet of experiences and choices and they are all yours. You may choose anything you desire to experience, so why are you constantly thinking about going back home-it makes no sense?

As a physical being you may wonder, but why would you spend much of your time trying to get back to nothing? Have you forgotten why you left, why you chose to experience being physical? From the realm of nothingness there is an overwhelming desire to experience being something-to try and define what your true nature is. The truth of your present experience is that you are spirit being physical. You are life itself defining every moment of its experience. You have nothing to think about, and it is your true nature, the very essence of who and what you are-you are nothing experiencing being something.

Being spiritual is just another roll you are playing, another physical experience. You are spirit by nature so everything that you do is spiritual-you do not have to reinvent the wheel. You will find being spiritual or religious has no meaning where you come from. These are moments in Rome you chose to experience-they will get you nowhere. You cannot find what you already are, and you are never lost.

When in Rome-do what the Romans do. When in the physical life-be physical-it is a chosen experience.

With the experience of what you are not, comes the experience of what your true nature is. You are life “being” something. The afterlife is not your concern-your true nature will always be.

While you are in Rome, why not enjoy all it has to offer. Life is a fleeting experience and every visit will be different. Your present life is change itself, you have changed from no experience to endless experience. Your thoughts and emotions are creating what you will experience. You cannot experience your true nature unless you are nothing at all and even then you will not know it. With the awareness of being nothing you can experience being something, and the being experience will give definition to your true nature which cannot be experienced while you are it.

You chose life to experience “being.” It’s not about dipping your toes-it’s about diving in. While you are wet, why be concerned about drying off?

There are those who would have you thinking about the afterlife, but it is their concern not yours. They are playing their own rolls and what they are giving you is simply an opportunity to experience their own paranoia. Everyone whom you meet will give you the same opportunity. They are the elements of the physical buffet-they are offering you choices. They are aspects of your true nature-there as manifestations of your own desires.

Enjoy your creation-enjoy Rome!