When Getting Broadway Tickets Becomes A Challenge…!

Broadway shows are one of those few pleasurable exciting things that inject a dose of excitement in the otherwise routine life of people. They have the power to stir a large mass and create a sensation, difficult to ignore. If Broadway shows are popular, then Broadway tickets are the most sought after!

Whenever Broadway opens a show or concert, the battle at the box office begins. Frenzied fans line up at the windows to get Broadway tickets. The patience and energy displayed by them in a bid to get a place in the theatre is admirable! Perhaps, the motivation comes from their desire to enjoy, or maybe, to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, or to boast of how they were a part of one of the most happening things in the city.

Broadway is a busy place loaded with shows and concerts. It’s but natural that getting tickets to this hot spot is not easy. In fact, getting tickets for the record-breaking shows is a challenge! At times, the shows turn out to be such hits, that accomplishing the feat of getting tickets is regarded as one of the life’s successes by the fans!

Broadway tickets are available at ticket counters, from the ticket brokers, agencies, and other organizations. A large number of fans prefer getting tickets from brokers and agencies. This is because; they are able to arrange tickets for their customers, even when the house is running full. Who wants to stand in the endless line at the box office with a risk of returning empty-handed, when there is a convenient facility that ensures a ticket?

The tickets agencies generally sell tickets at “face value.” They offer no discounts. However, at times, they offer special ticket offers for certain shows. But, usually, it’s the students, military personnel, and the senior citizens who are in the advantage group, as most of the special offers are focused on them. For that, they need to show valid identity cards.

Ticket counters offer Broadway tickets at normal prices as well as on discounts. The discounted tickets include “standing room only tickets” or “rush tickets.” They are available only for some shows and are sold on the day of the show. The cost of rush tickets range from $20-$25.

The ticket brokers come into the scene when the tickets at the counters are sold out. How do they get tickets for a sold-out show? Well, they purchase tickets from the public and other resources and resell them! That is the reason, why they offer tickets at a price higher than the actual one mentioned on the ticket. Almost all the authentic and first-rate brokers have a license from the National Association of Ticket Brokers as well as other bodies, including the Better Business Bureau.

It is possible to book Broadway tickets months in advance by finding what shows are going to be opened at which theatres and the price of tickets as well. This information is usually available in newspapers and online.