What’s New In Liposuction?

“I have seen the future, and it is now!” seems to have become the credo of our times. So it goes with Hybrid cars and lightning fast Internet technology. Gone are the days of dog tags that can fall off the collar; now a tiny chip can be implanted painlessly into Fifi to keep track of her! And how about those lasers? No, not the ones seen flashing across the screen in Buck Rogers or Star Trek. These lasers are not brandished by brave warriors, but rather skillfully and artfully employed by some of the best and brightest cosmetic surgeons of our time! This exciting new technology is right at your fingertips…or rather your thighs or belly or…well, you get the picture. Yes, liposuction as we know it, is experiencing a huge makeover of its own. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in late October 2006, SmartLipo is a new form of body sculpting that uses lasers to reduce the presence of fat cells. It’s far less invasive than traditional liposuction. What used to be known as “going under the knife,” is now far more gentle and user-friendly! But First…

What exactly is a laser? Well, here’s a fun fact to stump your friends at your next party. Did you know that LASER is an acronym? It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. As a medical instrument, it’s being used more and more frequently in standard medical procedures-both in-patient and out. Lasers produce a powerful beam of light that is tuned to a specific frequency that can range from intense heat to cool vaporization. In the hands of highly skilled surgeons, lasers are beneficial when used to quickly and efficiently remove tissue.

The Wonders of Technology

Laser lipo is absolutely on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery. This type of laser was first used for skin regeneration and cell activation following surgery. It didn’t take long for doctors to realize, though, that by altering the laser’s calibration, it could reduce cellulite and fat on problem areas. While general technology has been available in Europe for a short while, Cynosure, Inc. took the reigns and released SmartLipo-the first ever laser lipo technology available in the U.S.-in early 2007.

There you have it! Only a handful of doctors have access to SmartLipo at the outset to ensure that quality training and results are delivered. Can I see thr future? I predict this procedure will catch on and replace many of the existing means of liposuction!

What’s the difference?

No doubt, liposuction, in general, brings fantastic results. Whether you’re focusing on a specific trouble area or undergoing radical full-body reshaping, millions of people have achieved their ideal looks with the strategic removal of fat cells.

The traditional method utilizes a cannula (suction probe) that’s inserted through small incisions in the skin to literally break up the fat deposits that are then extracted from the patient’s body. The broken-up fat is then literally suctioned out. With this method, clients must be admitted as surgical patients and have general anesthesia. This is no quickie, in-and-out-the-door procedure! Ample recovery time is necessary, too, and can vary from several days to a week or more depending on the degree of work you have done.

It’s a different story with laser lipo, however. In a nutshell, it increases the safety of liposuction, improves results, and decreases recovery time! How exactly does this brilliant procedure work? Well, the nature of the laser makes the whole thing that much simpler.

Details, please…

To begin with, because the cannula is extremely small-smaller around than the cord on your cell phone recharger (2mm in diameter to be exact)-no stitches are needed, so laser lipo leaves virtually no scars. Because the laser instantly seals blood vessels, doctors and patients report less bruising, bleeding and swelling than with traditional lipo.

Second, this new technology actually melts the areas being targetted. This process happens because the laser frequency itself can be adjusted to reach the specific desired area. No guesswork here, and that’s a comforting fact. After all, it’s your body…and it’s the only one you have!

Beacause the fat literally melts away, it’s far easier to get out! The fat transforms into an oily substance that is simply eliminated naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. Patients have been tested for the effects of this process, and none have shown a rise in triglycerides or cholesterol. Conscious effort…

Cosmetic surgery with local anesthesia? That’s right! This laser lipo is so non-invasive that you’re awake during the procedure, which averages about 45-minutes. Patients report feeling only pressure, no pain. This fact, combined with the physical ease of the process, makes your recovery all the more simple.

Come on, tighten up…

With traditional lipo, the fat is removed, and that’s a good thing, right? Well, yes and no. Depending on your skin type and the amount of fat removed, you may be left with saggy skin where the fat used to be. Not so with laser lipo! The skin acgtually shrinks over the targetted areas, much like shrink wrap. One doctor actually likened the effect on the skin to heating rubber bands in a microwave and congealing them. This tightening happens because the collagen beneath the skin is activated by the heat. Brilliant!

Where to begin?

Laser assisted liposuction is perfect for targeted areas of the body. Face, neck, arms, buttocks and abdomen get great results! Naturally, it’s also very effective on loose and hanging skin. Ideal patients are in good health with normal body weight who want to target some areas that just don’t respond well to all of the workout and nutrition efforts that they make.

A Fond Farewell to Fat!

Our bodies are pretty smart! Did you know that adults do not create new fat cells? That means that when fat is lipo-ed away, it’s gone forever. The best offense in maintaining your body is to achieve your target weight and fitness and stay there, but if you do gain a few pounds here and there, your laser lipo results will not be undone! So, why try to say good-bye to those stubborn problem areas over and over again when you can banish them from your life forever?

Copyright (c) 2007 Barry Lycka