Whats in a skateboard name

The ollie is one of the most basic and revered tricks in the history of skateboarding invented by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand back in 1977. Back then, some tricks are named after the skateboarders who invented it, thus becoming a household name for skateboarders all over. There may be other names for skateboarding tricks during that time, but it may have been lost, or just hidden in other derivatives.

When it comes down to it, why even bother naming a newly invented trick? This is a more psychological aspect to get a name known all over the skating world, believing that would make him or her famous one day. If that were the case, Tony Hawk’s 900 would just have to be renamed “The Hawk”. For some skateboarders they would call it, and other pseudonyms that follow.

The base and advanced tricks used by many commentators and skaters themselves would determine the willing factor when it comes to competitions as they aim to win. Backside, McTwist, Caballerial, these are a few names that were invented over a decade ago, and none of them have garnered enough hot wind of an ego to make them falter. These skateboarders have gone through the basics, whether they know the names or not. The fact is they can perform those tricks, which for some would be considered as a weak spot or their strength.

There has been a lot of heated debate when it comes to names, and simply for a fact about who owns the trick in the first place. Just about any skateboarder could do a 720 on a half pipe, and it can be renamed as a double helix, or dual twister, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it takes to try out a trick first before they rename it. There are no double standards when it comes to names since it’s just a trick to begin with.

The skateboarding world is ever changing, with new tricks to be discovered as of yet, while some have been renamed because it’s deemed “corny” in a way. There is no rule, unwritten or otherwise, when it comes to the origin of naming tricks, or is there an omnipotent deity that would declare a name and can’t change it anymore.

As long as the wheels of a skateboard continues to spin on the axles and the stunts performed, there is no way a name-calling for trick would ruin the spirit that is of a skateboard.

Source: https://positivearticles.com