What’s Holding You Back From Your Dream Job?

Work and play. The opposite ends of a stick. Maybe. If you could make your work experience as much fun as the rest of your life, what sort of difference would that make for you? So, what are you doing about it then?

You’re unhappy. This isn’t your dream job. You hate going to work every day, but you feel like you have to. Your job is boring and there is too much routine. You feel like you could do more but the work you’re faced with every day is the same old thing and doesn’t challenge you.

Your co-workers grumble and backstab, and you feel like climbing the ladder of success involves stepping on other people to get up the rungs. What’s more, that ladder seems to be awfully high – are you ever going to reach the top?

That depends on you. If you’re going to sit back and let yourself be carried through life by other people, then no, you won’t ever find that dream job you always wanted.

If you’re going to do what everyone else says you should do and not do what is right for you, then forget it – you’re going to stay stuck. Bye-bye, dream job. Sound grim? It is, and there isn’t any reason for you to put up with these sort of circumstances.

That’s right – take control of your own life. Take charge and go after that dream job you always wanted. What’s holding you back? Do you think you can’t be amongst the ranks of the happy and the successful? Of course you can. Most people who have their dream job, started out knowing what made them happy and they went after careers that answered their call for fulfillment.

Are finances keeping you from going after your dream job? There is always a way around this. You can budget, refocus where you spend your money, work on earning credentials or qualifications part time, apprentice with someone through volunteering, or read books. Where there is a will, there is a way. You have the will; it may be buried down deep inside you, begging to be let out, so why don’t you?

Talking to others can help find your dream job. Talk to everyone about your hopes and goals. Network with friends, family, and anyone you meet. Tell people you’re tired of feeling stuck. You want something more. Tell them about your dream job and your hopes. Make the calls and research to find out how to get there.

By being creative you’ll think up lots of ways to promote yourself and find how to overcome obstacles. Sometimes you will need to get out of your mindset and work with someone else who thinks much more openly. Let nothing stop you in your quest – it’s your right!

As far as obstacles go when chasing down your dream job, you’ll face up with a few. Don’t let that stop you! Keep in mind that obstacles are fixed. When you come head on against something that sets you back, find a way to get around what is stopping you.

That obstacle isn’t going to leap sideways and block you a second time. You’ll move ahead towards your dream job and be one step closer to happiness and fulfillment.

It’s all about you. You own your life and you make choices for yourself. Don’t feel that you have to settle for less when your potential is so much more. Sit back and think on your dream job, find out the steps you need to take to get there, and start working towards having a fulfilling career where you’re happy to go to work each and every day!

Some, maybe most, succeed because they take up the challenge and go for it. That ‘dream job’ is out there somewhere for you, but will you take the chance to look for it? It’s a decision only you can make.