What’s Good for a Sore Throat

I must warn you: this article might sound like your grandmother wrote it. Well, your Chinese grandmother. There are many causes of sore throats: bacteria, viruses, allergies, or just general bad health. Sometimes, with rest, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements, the sore throat goes away. Other times, it turns into a cold or flu. A doctor might be needed if:
• lymph nodes on the front of your neck feel sore or swollen
• fever is above 102
• a rash appears
• you don’t get well after a few days, or feel very sick.
For adults, there are a few natural vitamin nutritional supplements that can sometimes effectively treat a sore throat, as well as a few common sense health tips.
Chinese Herbs and Suppelments

For a simple sore throat, you might take an anti-viral, immune system-boosting Chinese herbal nutritional supplement, sold over the counter at health food stores and internet websites. You could also get a custom-made formula made that boosts the immune system.

Besides Chinese herbs, what are common vitamins and nutritional supplements that might help with a sore throat?
Lemon and Cayenne Pepper

Squeeze fresh lemon juice in chamomile tea or plain hot water to receive the vitamin and nutrient health value from lemons. Also try a twice-daily teaspoon of cayenne pepper. It’s more health-y if you take it with food (not on an empty stomach). Because of the strong taste, unless you’re that rare person who is fond of cayenne, put it in empty capsules, or buy in capsule form, as a nutritional supplement.

Drink lots of room-temperature water, 8 glasses a day – an essential “supplement for a sore throat.
Vitamin C

Take Vitamin C nutritional supplements throughout the day. Some people take 500 mg an hour until loose stool occurs. The loose stool basically signals how much Vitamin C your body will tolerate in order to boost the immune system. Begin taking Vitamin C again the next day in three or four divided doses, totaling the amount you took the first day, until you’re well. Once you’re well, taper off slowly; don’t stop taking your vitamin nutritional supplements suddenly. Once well, a daily dose of 1,000 to 2,000 mg of Vitamin C nutritional supplements is an excellent preventative medicine and for overall good health.

Zinc can very effectively treat a sore throat, especially if taken the first day, at the first twinge of throat pain. There is no need to take a megadose of zinc. Daily doses of zinc in your health supplements boost the immune system.
Hot Salt Water

A couple of times a day, gargle thoroughly with hot salt water. To prepare this, add a half-teaspoon of salt to very hot tap water, but not so hot it would burn your throat. This is excellent for the health of your throat.
Simple Foods

Reduce fat, dairy, sugar and red meat for your throat and overall health. If you have milk with cereal for breakfast, try plain oatmeal with raisins or poached egg on dry toast. Chicken soup really seems to help, as well as grain, vegetables, beans, fruit, and healthy canned soup. You need quick, health-y meals, because with a sore throat you need rest. Stock up on some instant meals from the health food store. Switch to grapefruit juice because it has a beneficial astringent action.

If lots of bed rest is not an option, get as much as you can.

If you stock up on nutritional supplements before you get a sore throat, you won’t have to shop when you’re not feeling well. Ordering vitamin supplements over the internet in advance is also a good option. Listen to your body. Take care of yourself.