What Your Four Parts Want From You

Would you like to feel better and enhance your life? The following are reminders of what your four parts (body, mind, emotions, and spirit) want from you so that you can be balanced and feel good. Put a check next to the statements that you are already doing.

DEAR BODY, I am ….

1. Accepting you the way you are.

2. Loving and appreciating you for what you can do.

3. Offering you only the healthiest foods.

4. Overcoming my addictions that hurt you.

5. Exercise regularly and appropriately for your body type.

6. Adorning you with nice, comfortable clothes and shoes.

7. Understanding that my unexpressed emotions and thoughts have an affect on you.

8. Listening to the messages you are trying to give me when you are hurting.

9. Accepting that I have the power to heal you.

10. Being grateful to you for being the temple of my soul.


1. Recognizing that everyone is human and feels similar things.

2. Trusting that it is okay to accept and feel all of you.

3. Expressing you at appropriate times in constructive ways.

4. Taking responsibility for you.

5. Understanding that it takes a lot of courage to acknowledge my fears.

6. Overcoming my addictions that are ways of avoiding you.

7. Changing my negative beliefs to positive ones so that you can feel good.

8. Realizing that my body pains may be signs that I am ignoring you.

9. Accepting that it is safe for me to feel and express my love and joy.

10. Appreciating you for being the “juice” of my life.

DEAR MIND, I understand that…

1. You help me understand things and function in a logical way.

2. My emotions are also an important part of me.

3. Protecting me from feeling my emotions is a noble effort but sometimes causes me problems, especially in relationships.

4. I need to express my honest feelings constructively when appropriate.

5. It is safe for me to be human and feel all my emotions.

6. My intuition is valid even though it may not appear to be logical.

7. My body is expressing what you are thinking.

8. My unlimited spirit needs to be in the “driver’s seat.”

9. My spirit needs you to carry out its creative ideas.

10. You are a very valuable, important part of a wonderful, balanced team.

DEAR SPIRIT, I appreciate you for…

1. Being patient with me.

2. Helping me learn from my mistakes.

3. Guiding and supporting me on a positive path.

4. Always being there for me no matter what I think, do or say.

5. Communicating to me through my intuitive thoughts and feelings.

6. Having unending faith in me.

7. Protecting me and assisting me when I need help.

8. Reminding me that I am connected to an all loving Divine Source.

9. Loving me unconditionally and helping me do the same.

10. Bringing wonderful creativity, great joy, and excitement into my life.

Congratulate yourself for all that you are doing. If you want to feel even better and be more balanced, focus on the statements that you are not doing until you can check them off, too.