What your business will be remembered for.

‘Sometimes someone says something really small, and it just fits right into this empty place in your heart’ – Anon.

I experienced that feeling a short while ago while completing a project for a new client, and it made me realise how much there is to be gained from putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and getting an accurate picture of what exactly it is that they want and then giving them just that.

I’ll explain….

When starting up in business, initially having only a few clients is actually a big plus, as you’re able to focus solely on keeping those few clients (who are actually paying for your goods or services) happy with what you’re selling, or the service you’re providing. It’s vitally importantly that they come back and even more crucial that they tell others about the great product or service they’ve got from you or your business.

If you’re not too impatient, you’ll learn all you need to learn about attracting clients and keeping them, by listening to what they have to say, by staying on top of and repeating what works and ditching what doesn’t – fast. Add to this a real enthusiasm for what you’re doing, sincerity, being genuine, reliable, flexible and not over-inflating your abilities and competence in a particular role and in most cases, irrespective of how you compare price-wise to your nearest competition – your first clients could very well become the mainstay of your business. As I’ve discovered, people will pay ‘over the odds’ for a service that fulfils their needs completely.

These clients are in the early days of your business really your ‘guinea pigs’; you cannot however afford to lose them. So although you may make the odd mistake with them here and there; it’s imperative that the core of your business delivery is sound and that your clients feel you are worth every penny that you are charging them for. Because ultimately, they can probably get whatever goods or services you’re offering to them almost anywhere else…. it’s that extra certain something that will make them feel good about paying your invoice – on time too; and also telling others about you.

Providing a service for example that not only takes the hassle out of a particular task, or gives someone back an amount of time that they can put to better use; but done more quickly, better, more efficiently, providing value for money, or with added extras that makes you their first port of call the next time they need those particular goods or services again.

I went on a training course a short while ago and still have really fond memories of the day, purely because of the personality of the trainer. I could have signed up to any number of courses offering the same content and perhaps even taking home really great freebies at the end of the course; however this one was full of the eagerness of the trainer herself through her personality to impart her expertise, flexibility, and to provide value for money by adding that something extra special to her business. In short – she was ‘the’ course.