What You Need To Know About The Elderly And Their Fitness

Exercise and fitness are very important for elderly people, and regular exercise regimes will improve quality of living for them in a variety of ways. Fitness for the elderly is great for resolving weight problems, lowering the risk of disease, improving heart health and elevating moods. With the right routine, symptoms of disease can dissipate and a higher level of activity can be enjoyed in everyday life.

Doctors are always urging their elderly patients to begin low impact exercise routines: Preventing the body from becoming weaker, increasing strength and flexibility and improving circulation are all reasons physicians have encouraged it for years. Instead of giving up on exercise all together out of fear of injury or because of pain and discomfort, be patient and take some time to find a fitness for seniors program that suits you.

It may be that you experience much pain and jolting in your joints with aerobics, but water aerobics could be perfect for you. The weightless feeling when in the water takes all the pressure off and the resistance of the water is a soft yet effective weight. Others may prefer to use light weights on the circuit at the gym, ride a pushbike or take yoga, and all are fantastic options if they suit your requirements for a fitness routine.

When you begin to strengthen you muscles everything will become easier, and your joints will move easily and without discomfort. If weight loss is a goal in your senior fitness program, low impact light aerobic sessions will be preferred. Remembering that all these things get the circulation going, which is excellent for heart health.

Don’t worry too much about the details as all fitness for the elderly classes are designed to be safe and simple. Visit your local fitness center or gym and you could be pleasantly surprised by the well thought out options available to you: yoga, pilates, stretch, dance, step and balance are available for seniors at most gyms, and those with pools have the water varieties as well.

Fitness for the elderly classes should never involve jumping or any moves that are strenuous or complicated. In most cases the classes are similar to regular classes, but slower, gentler and less complicated. When you begin a fitness for the elderly program it will only be a matter of weeks before you notice less shortness in breath, more elevated moods and not to mention a leaner and stronger body.

For those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain, the right fitness program can really help. Water aerobics, yoga and stretch are fantastic for problems with stiffness, and there are even exercises to help with diabetes and other illnesses. Having a sensible diet and taking some good supplements should go hand in hand with your fitness for seniors plan.

It is common knowledge now days that exercise increases the production of endorphins which promote feelings of well being and alleviate depression. You will feel more alive, happier and less easily stressed out. Fitness for the elderly can completely turn depression around, so if you don’t quiet feel like it, do it anyway and feel on top of the world afterwards!

All physical benefits aside, fitness for the elderly is a great social scene. You will meet others in your age group who want to be fit and healthy, and will be likely to hook up for adventures out side of the gym as well. You can find others with similar goals to you and then work together, whether it’s to lose a few pounds or increase mobility.

Now you are feeling motivated to be stronger and live a longer and better life, begin with a quick visit to the doctor to be sure you have their okay. Armed with the physicians recommendations, you will be ready to start straight away.