What you need to Know about Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are commonly used in the moving and transportation and manufacturing and industrial facilities. What makes a sack truck differ from its counterpart, the hand truck, is its L-shaped architecture.

Pneumatic wheels can be found at its base with handles on its top. A small platform- commonly known as a toe plate- is also located at the very base. When sack trucks are in their upright position, and its toe plate is laid flat against the ground, goods can then be placed on top of the sack trucks platform with ease. Once it’s loaded, the sack trucks are tilted back in order to move goods by balancing on its two wheels.

You might be a bit confused by having heard alternate names in reference to the sack trucks but they are often used interchangeably and the most common names are; dollies, two-wheel dollies, hand trucks, stack trucks and bag barrows.

Sack trucks are a vital piece of equipment for the workplace or home. On occasions, tools and equipment can be too heavy to transport by hand. A sack truck can help move heavy or awkward shaped goods with ease, saving you time and significantly reducing the likelihood of injury from manually handling the items.

Some places where you may have seen sack trucks used would be as follows:

1. Moving and transportation

2. Most warehouses

3. Transportation of goods like beverages to bars and retail stores

4. Trainstation and airports utilize sack trucks for the porting of luggage & other belongings of travelling customers.

5. Storage facilities

Varying materials are used to make sack trucks. This includes polystyrene, tube steel, aluminum steel, and aluminum excursion. A powder-coated steel construction also can help improve the quality of the frame, making it less susceptible to wear and tear

There are many different models of sack trucks.

1. Folding s. trucks– which are easier to store or transport to a different location. Lightweight sack trucks made from Aluminum rather than the traditional steel.

2. Stair climbing s. trucks– for use at multi level premises, making transporting goods up and down stairs simple.

3. P -handle s.trucks– which allow one hand operation to enable the user to open doors.

4. Garden s. trucks– Great tool for the residential or commercial gardener. This sack truck replaces the need for a wheelbarrow and is much easier to use.

5. General purpose s. trucks these are your standard sack truck commonly made of aluminum or steel with pneumatic wheels and made for small and large loads.

6. Multi- purpose s. trucks these area adjustable trolleys that can go from 4 wheels to 2 wheels with a quick action. These can also go from a hand truck to a flatbed trolley in seconds. These are all different and built and bought for your particular type of industry.

It’s hard to even picture a moving and transport company without the use of sack trucks; how would the movers get all the furniture into the buildings and houses?
Picture a huge warehouse without the use of sack trucks; perhaps the goods could be pushed around on skateboards.

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