What You Need To Know About A Home Hot Tub

First, you need to know that the purchase of a hot tub will be worth more to you than you’ll ever know and if used properly will allow for more benefits to your family than you can even imagine.

Safety is the very first point to be made. Because of the risk of drowning in a hot tub, if you are going to have one, you must invest in a locking cover. Children cannot fall into a hot tub is there is a locking cover on it. A cover will also do two more things; it will keep the debris that is in the air, whether the hot tub is indoors or outdoors and will lengthen the life of the filters but it can also act as a heat-keeper of sorts. By placing a cover on the hot tub when it is not in use, in many cases, the heat will not be able to escape and it will be much easier to maintain a balance in the water temperature.

Hot tubs of today are much more energy efficient than they have been over the past 30 years and what used to take a sizeable amount of money to keep heated and operating now takes a fraction of that cost. The other option for heating a hot tub is in the solar powered models. Because these tubs are heated by the sun’s own power, the use of electricity is not needed and will not impact your energy bills whatsoever.

Hot tubs are self-contained and once they have been filled with water, they will reuse that same water until it is drained and refilled. That being said, it is important to keep the water clean in your hot tub. Water is pulled through a drain and then is processed through a filter and eventually makes its way back into the tub. Therefore, filters are very important to this process and must be maintained regularly and it is even suggested to physically remove filters and wash them off with a hose until they are clean on a weekly basis. If the filter doesn’t seem to be getting clean, there are filter cleaners that can be used, but with the weekly maintenance, that should not be needed. Filters do wear out eventually and a complete filter change every three to six months should keep your hot tub clean.

Along with the filters doing their job to keep things clean, a hot tub owner must understand that there are always particles that will end up in the tub, no matter how clean you are, and if not treated, they can cause harm. So, what do you do about them? The hot tub will need a chemical treatment that will consist of chlorine tablets and an anti-foaming agent that is important for the extended use of your hot tub. If you live in an area where the water is considered hard, it is best to add an anti-scaling chemical which will help prevent the build up of calcium deposits that could permanently stain your hot tub.

Source: https://positivearticles.com