What You Need To Have A Successful Acting Career

If you think it only takes beauty to get into Hollywood, think again! Just look at the rising stars nowadays and most of them are not what you will call classic beauties. In fact, some of them even have “defective” features by society’s standards before but because of their popularity have managed to turn them into coveted features or if not more or less accepted in society.

One classic example is the relatively full lips of Angelina Jolie who before have been criticized for her big lips. The same goes with the freckles of Lindsay Lohan or the chin of actress Reese Witherspoon.

When it comes to career, beauty is not the only basis. There are a lot of things that you need to put into an acting career to make a successful mix. Here are some of the ingredients for success that you need to have with you.

1. Talent
The most beautiful of them may rise to superstardom but without a substantial talent to back them up, they will end up fading into the background. Only those who really have the talent will stay on to make more and more movies. In fact, even if you are not as beautiful or as sexy, if you have the talent you can excel and even outshone others.

One example is America Ferreira who plays Ugly Betty or Jennifer Hudson who outshone Beyonce in the movie Dream Girls. They are proof that even with a not so covetous body, they can go head to head with the best in Hollywood and even win the race!

2. Luck
Some people may discount it but luck plays an important role too. Sometimes when auditioning in some low budgeted film or tv series, you will not expect anything but if it turns out to be such a hit, your name will be recognized all over the world. A lot of today’s actors and actresses were given lucky breaks.

Just look at Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff who are not enjoying superstardom all over the world. They were not even stars when they were chosen to play the iconic role of Hermione and Harry Potter for the onscreen adaptation of a bestselling book.

3. Agent and stylists
Another must have in Hollywood is a good agent, someone with the connections. This is the person who will gain you entry to the hottest party so that you can get noticed or maybe secure a slot for you in an audition. Having someone do the marketing for you helps a lot in opening up opportunities. Another must have is a stylist who will help you become presentable in every function. Remember that Hollywood right now is all about fashion and you need to be properly dressed in order to get noticed.

4. Connections.
Let’s face it. If you have connections, it will be easier for you to go out there and meet people. This is the reason why a lot of the children of former actresses and actors are now enjoying stardom, they have backers who have opened the doors for them. This is not to say though that they do not have the talent or the discipline.

They also worked hard but it was easier for them to get where they are because they know people who held the key.

Source: https://positivearticles.com