What You Need To Consider When Selecting a Credit Repair Company

People with credit problem always try their best to improve their credit score. Although they can repair their credit score by themselves at little or no cost but many do choose to hire a professional from Credit Repair Company to help them because they either have no time, patience or knowledge to do it themselves. If you have decided to get help from a credit repair company, what are the things to be considered when selecting a credit repair company? Here are a few of important considerations:

1. Legitimate of Credit Repair Company

It is important to ensure that you are selecting a legitimate credit repair company to perform your credit repair work, else you may waste your money without getting your credit score improve; in addition, an illegal credit repair company may cause your credit problem goes even worse. The rule of thumb, any legitimate Credit Repair Company should be able to provide you with at least half a dozen of references and you should be able to call these references for further clarification.

2. The Credit Repair Company Has Good Reputation

If possible, you should ask your friends, family and relatives who know someone with success story on repairing their credit by a Credit Repair Company. You can get the service from this proven reputable Credit Repair Company to do the credit restoration work for you.

3. Fee Payment Structure

Most common payment structures for many Credit Repair Companies are using the monthly “auto-debit” fee. In this structure, you normally will be asked to pay an up front fee of $49 to $99 and then a monthly fee of $39 to $49. Although this payment structure has advantage on affordability to pay the fee in monthly basis, but you need to aware that it also comes with many disadvantages such as the Credit Repair Company has no incentive to process your case quickly because the longer they drag your case, the more monthly fee they will collect from you and earn more. If your selected Credit Repair Company is using this payment structure, then, you will need to ensure some protection written in the agreement on the maximum fee or a guaranteed duration in your credit restoration work.

4. Located in Home State

The Credit Repair Company is doing your credit restoration work on behalf of you and it should look by credit bureau that the work is done by you. If the credit bureau catches that your credit repairing is done by a third party, they may mark the dispute as frivolous and flag your credit file. In order to ensure any mail goes to credit bureau is postmarked from your home state; you should always consider a Credit Repair Company which located at your home state, unless the Credit Repair Company which located out of your home state has a service that ensure all the mailing send to credit bureau will be sent from your home state through their branches or partners which located at your home state.


It is important for you to select a Credit Repair Company that can really help you to improve your credit score in a timely basis and worth the money you spend for it.