What Women Want In A Man: How To Be A Girl Magnet

Are you having problems asking women out? Do they always seem to give you that you’re-not-my-type look? Well, perhaps it’s time to figure out exactly what women want in a man. Even husbands who are married to their wives for the past ten years have problems figuring out what women want.

To tell you the truth, the answers are perfectly simple. I’ve interviewed a lot of female friends and figured out some of the most common attributes that women want in a man.

If you’re interested to find out how you can harness these traits, read on!

What Women Want In A Man # 1: They want to be taken cared of.

You don’t have to treat her like she’s made of glass. Respect her own abilities and trust that she can make it out on her own.

However, it’s always nice to do something special and almost chivalric for women. For starters, make sure to pick up the tab, especially if you two are just dating. Open the door for her, even if you’re just entering the 24-hour convenience store. These small acts don’t go unrewarded.

What Women Want In A Man # 2: They want men who can actually carry a conversation.

Talking and getting to know each other better is a crucial part of the success of a relationship. Even if you two have different interests, you still have to strike up a decent conversation.

If you two are in a bar, make the bar your topic of the night. Or the drinks or the food… From there, you can actually move on to better topics. She will remember your conversation as the most fun she’s had in a while.

If you two are in a relationship, having frequent conversation is crucial. Ask her about her day. Never lose interest in what she’s saying, because that will keep the love alive.

What Women Want In A Man # 3: They want men with a sense of adventure.

You don’t have to be into sky diving or any of those extreme sports to be adventurous. Being adventurous also means wanting to try out that new restaurant down fifth street, or wanting to learn a new hobby.

Women want men who are willing to experiment different things and activities, because it suggests fun and excitement.

It also helps to dress up like a man with a sense of adventure. Even though you can’t bear the thought of para-sailing, you can always “wing it” and look the part.

These are just some of what women want in a man. As I said, they’re pretty simple and can work for any guy out there.